Lockdown: Pastor Adeyemi gives N10,000 each to over 20,000 church members


Daystar church members this morning woke up to 5,000 naira credit alert from their church and Pastor and it was not strange for them.

This is the second time in a row since the outbreak of coronavirus that the church sent out cash palliative to all her members scattered all over the country.

They were also paid in the month of March so the members have been paid 10,000 naira in two months to help cushion the devastating effect of the lockdown caused by coronavirus on their church members.

This act of kindness by Pastor Sam exemplifies the teachings of Jesus Christ when he said to peter “feed my sheep, take care of my sheep, feed my sheep “

Pastor Sam Adeyemi once said that Nigerians are not used to be taken care of by their church which is true but his church is leading the way showing what is possible.

Christianity and being a Pastor in Nigeria is not rocket science and Pastor Sam Adeyemi is showing that this is true with his daily examples.


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