Tribute to my lord temporal, Hon. Justice Garba Musa Nabaruma, by Hadiza Gimba Ahmed

Late Hon. Justice Nabaruma.

The Yobe state judiciary and indeed the entire state was thrown into mourning on the night of Monday, the 18th of May 2020 when the No. 3 citizen of the state took his final bow – exiting this world. Inna lillahi wa ina ilayhir rajiun!

I was opportune to work briefly with the late Hon justice Garba Musa Nabaruma in 1995 when I started working in the judiciary as Assistant Secretary, Yobe state robbery and firearms tribunal, Potiskum while he was the chairman of the Tribunal – before I went to the university that same year.

Justice Nabaruma was a simple, low headed and down to earth person. He was an epitome of erudition, charisma, dignity, and humility; a compendium of the judge per excellence.

The late Justice has worked with my late Father Alh Suleiman Gimba Ahmed in various committees and he used to describe him as a person “endowed with knowledge.”

My lord you are no longer in the physical realm but your sagacious judicial pronouncements will remain as hallmark references to the lower courts and will be as useful in the academic world.

Though your death marks the end of an era and a new dawn to the judiciary, your beautiful and selfless work will be a torchlight that would guide your successor through the transition period; certainly you have made it easy for anyone to continue from where you pause.

You will forever remain engraved in the history of the Yobe state judiciary. May Allah (SWT) forgive you your shortcomings and grant you Aljannatul Firdausi.

Hadiza is a Chief Magistrate 1 and writes from Potiskum, Yobe State.


  1. Indeed lost of Barrister GM Nabaruma is lost to entire Nigeria, he is among the the people I must respect in the judicial system in Nigeria.


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