COVID-19: Ginger, lemon cured my child from virus – Tanzania president

The president said his son recovered from coronavirus after self-medicating with homemade remedies, adding that he is doing better.
Magufuli says COVID-19 infections are dwindling at a higher rate and he will soon open schools and allow sporting activities.
Magufuli said the child isolated himself after contracting the virus and self-medicated using the said “remedies” after which he completely recovered.
Speaking in a church service on Sunday, May 17, the president said the child was doing well and even doing push-ups after beating coronavirus.
“My child got coronavirus, my own child that I brought into this world. The child locked himself in the room and treated self using lemons and ginger,” Magufuli said.
“I cannot lie when standing at the altar of God because I respect my God and so do not think that I have not faced this virus,” he added.
On border closure, Magufuli said he found it illogical and unnecessary and he would not go down that path.
“And that was why I did not close up the boundaries because I respect my neighbours and if I do so, I will have denied them their economy,” the president said.
He also said flights would be allowed into his country since some airlines had booked flights into Tanzania up to August and those tourists would not be required to quarantine.
The president said COVID-19 infections were reducing at a higher rate and that he would reopen schools and allow sports activities.
“When they arrive and their temperatures are taken and no symptoms of coronavirus, there is no need for quarantine. Let them go and spectate on animals,” Magufuli said.


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