Muslims in Lagos, FCT, Kano, don’t let any treacherous Sheik lead you on suicide – Say Pantami


Minister Dr Isa Ali Pantami says if you are a Muslim/Muslima in Kano, Lagos, Oyo, Abuja, Kwara and other states in the federation populated by Muslim faithful, please don’t let any treacherous Imam or Sheik lead you on a Suicide Mission on Saturday or Sunday.

There is no ambiguity in all the admonitions and teachings given by the “incredibly knowledgeable Prophet Muhammad (SAW)” on how to pray in a period of “pandemic”.

In other words, it is more rewarding to save and preserve the existence of humanity by praying at home with members of your nuclear family for the coming Eid-al-Fitr than going outside to commit suicide in the name of congregational community eid prayer. suicide is a very big sin in Islam in case you don’t know.


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