Coronavirus: Suffering, smiling in Hadejia, by Habibu Idris Gimba Kafin Hausa


The recent mysterious deaths in Hadejia is obvious, we around here could see it but most Peoples don’t want to talk about the issue, in fact, they have even disassociated themselves from this pandemics, despite that fact that all the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be seen in these peoples.

Although peoples are dying on a daily basis we assume victims died of high fever, diabetes and high blood pressure, age and other elements, most of these victims are living in Kasuwar Kofa, Matsoro, Kofar Fada, Gagulmari, Chadi, Bayi, Bakin Kasuwa, Dalla and Sabon Garu.

Daily Trust reported that over 100 peoples died in 10 days showing the significant relationship between the mysterious deaths and Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Nation Newspaper has conducted an interview with the Chairman of Hadejia Local Government Council Alhaji Abdullahi Muhammadu Mai Kanti, where he debunked the claims saying “After we conducted a verbal autopsy and visited Gawuna and General Hospital burial grounds, we concluded that 47 people died from 30 April to 6 May.”

Stressing that “The deceased were aged between 70 and 100 years and had been battling with illnesses like hypertension, asthma, and stroke among others for many years. Adding that “In all our investigation, the deceased did not show symptoms of COVID-19,”.

Not only him even the Senator representing Jigawa North-East Barrister Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia, has shifted his blame from Coronavirus to Fasting, Malaria, and Heat, as major pillars that are killing his people, stressing that most of the victims were elderly with health challenges.

Indeed, me too as a Reporter and Newscaster I conducted an exclusive interview with some residents of New and Old Cemeteries in Hadejia local government area but, none of them agreed with numbers of these corpses, but most of the victims aged between 60 to 100.

We all know that over 150 peoples dead in Kano within a very short period of time that is why a lot of people are connecting the death of these aged people with Coronavirus (COVID-19), the virtue of all the symptoms of this pandemic have been signified to them.

Shortly after newsmen reported the case, the victims of coronavirus are increasing every day, Now Kano has the highest number of COVID-19 present in Northern.

What happened in Kano has prompted the Jigawa State government to constitute a five-man committee headed by Dr Mahmud Abdul Wahab, to investigate the increasing number of deaths in the Hadejia community, in a very short period of time the committee has submitted its reports acknowledging that only 92 people were dead within 8 days.

Imagine! ‘‘Only 92 corpses were buried within 8 days’’ Please are we in the state of Nature? 92 Peoples were deaths within 8 days ! but the chairman of the committee has said that‘‘ only 92 corpses were buried within 8 days.’’

The committee has filed that the deaths of 92 peoples were not connected with COVID-19, quoted that Hadejia General Hospital recorded 46 deaths, while the Community recorded 44 within 8 days.

But the committee has failed woefully to advise the government on how to address these mysterious deaths in the future since the 92 corpses were buried are not connected with COVID-19 as they claim earlier.

Before and After the Committee that was set up by the Commissioner Ministry for Health Dr Abba Zakari Umar Kafin Hausa, to verify the reports of mysterious deaths In Hadejia Community, the ‘‘silent deaths’’ still remain, nothing has changed in fact, even after the Committee was presented its report, the situation is getting out of hands.

I’m working with Sawaba Fm Hadejia, in Hadejia I was told by one of the residents of Hadejia, that peoples are dying every day especially during Ramadan season.

Recently, the state has recorded 15 additional cases and imposed lockdown in three additional towns affected, to prevent further spread of the virus.

These towns are Hadejia, Gumel and Sabon Garin Yaya respectively as a result of new cases recorded in the areas.

Although, Most of the Hadejia residents have complied with the restriction of movement order imposed by the state government to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

But, if the previous mysterious deaths in the community are not connected with COVID-19, than why the town recorded the 2 new cases?

Are the previous mysterious deaths of 92 peoples not connected with Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Why 10-11 peoples are dying every day if they are not connected with COVID-19?

On 10 May 2020, the executive governor of Bauchi state His Excellency Bala Muhammad, imposed a lockdown on Azare town (Katagum local government), Giade and Zaki local governments respectively, to curtail the spread of Coronavirus.

Are these local governments (Azare, Giade and Zaki local governments) not very close to Hadejia?

If Azare, Giade and Zaki local governments recorded new cases of COVID-19 than why don’t we expect Hadejia to experience these cases?

Has the Committee really traced the mysterious deaths of aged persons in Hadejia?

Don’t we expect that Community transmission of this pandemic might affect these old men that is why they are dying every day?

What is the outcome of the samples taken for a test so far? So either the result of the committee that was set up by the commissioner ministry for Health to carry out an intensive investigation in Hadejia is a scam or was scammed.

Now, the state has 241 confirmed cases, discharged 143 patients after recoveries and 4 deaths as well as 159 active cases.


  1. Rejoinder: Coronavirus: Suffering, smiling in Hadejia, by Habibu Idris Gimba Kafin Hausa.

    I am writing to commend the efforts of Habibu Idriss Kafin Hausa… While at the sametime advice this medium to always cross-check write-ups before publication, to ensure free from spelling mistakes, jargons, tautology, grammatical errors… Among others for effective communication to reign and in compliance with principles of journalistic practice.
    From the foregoing, the write up is of considerable level of grammatical errors and short cut which deviates the principle behind any journalistic writings. Thanks


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