Do Nigerians really believe in COVID-19 existence? by Ukasha Rabiu


Despite the high increase of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Nigeria which is currently getting to 9000 cases, Nigerians seem to be very negligence in observing the COVID-19 protocols compare to other nations in the world though we are having the highness number of cases in Africa.

Having so doesn't make our populace to step back and protect themselves from the Pandemic rather continuing with their daily basis by kicking up all the measures put in place to limit the spread of the virus.

So annoying and very irritating that one can't value his life upon everything he/she may get.

How sure are you that you might not get infected with the disease after violating the stay home order? or do you think it's right for you to violate such precautionary measures?

Hmmm!!! Maybe it is right as you think but had did been government didn't play any role in containing the Pandemic, you will also be first to blame the government for not protecting your lives.

This is rubbish and negligence to the extent, seeing people shaking hands with others carelessly, mingling with one another in a highly congested area, driving anyhow without masking their faces, attending funerals and moaning places without maintaining social distancing, attending prayers in congregations among other; forgetting with the existence of this novel Pandemic.

I do ask myself such a question, do Nigerians really believe in COVID-19 existence? and I' am monitoring this right from the beginning of this plague to date and the question came in whenever I see those foreign nations adapting the measures put in place in mitigating the disease so tight, though they are in a better position to handle the virus more than us.

Therefore, I have seen no reason that Nigerians shouldn't be mindful and too careful with measures of containing the disease if those countries could adhere to the protocols.

Nigerians seem to be more strong-headed when it comes to issues of public concern which they are not supposed to because life should be prioritized first.

Another point is that people shouldn't be too careless on their health. I mean the I don't care attitudes, nonchalant behaviours or otherwise should be avoided if not we should get ready for more cases ahead, God forbid.

I observed that Nigerians are against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols given by the experts and indeed the measures are the only way out for survival and failure to please ourselves and adhere with the measures is tantamount to record more cases. We all know that prevention is better than cure, then let us be too careful.

On the other hand, " if the cat to steal then the seasoning has to smell" Masses alone should not be blamed, of course, masses are violating the COVID-19 protocols but, do palliative materials reach the people in need? If not then they mostly go out and look after what to cater to their needs.

However, at this junction, the government should multiply what they are given yet to the needy and ensure such palliatives reach where it is supposed to reach if not people would hardly adhere with these measures no matter the situations because hunger kills sharply than the Pandemic.

Finally, all hands most are on deck and this is between the government and the governs to contain the spread of this novel Pandemic. Therefore, people should please adhere to the guidelines put in place by the experts to ensure rapid mitigation of this virus.


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