President Buhari: The journey so far, by kasim Isa Muhammad


It’s five years since Buhari took over the mantle of leadership of  but our perturbing questions are

Buhari’s have claimed that his government have defeated the Boko Haram insurgents it’s crystal clear that you have done pretty well in fighting against Boko Haram but still there’s little implementation.

Two weeks ago precisely have terrorized and vandalized the properties of Gaidam area of Yobe state. We need to know when and how this terrorism will stop in the Northeastern part of Nigeria.

Yet, the issue is broad and complex where kidnappings, banditry, cattle rustling, communal clashes cut across all the state of the country.

The recent incessant killings in Katsina state is beyond our expectations we have never expect these senseless killings in your administration, what measures put in place in fighting against this terrorist.

Another killing in Sokoto is really alarming bandits are killing the innocent citizens mercilessly. Your government have paid lip service to security matters and you took an oath that you will protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

With no shadow of a doubt, people brought you into office solely to protect their lives and properties people didn’t vote for PDP in 2015 because of the insecurity in the Northeast you have to Know Mr President.

Bribery and corruption are one of the most basic issues that are bedevilling the country your government have really tried in the first place but now everything is in chaos.

There is a huge amount of money given by the Industrialists other individuals and international organization to provide all the equipment needed in fighting against this deadly virus. Where is the money goes?

The level of hardship people are going through the enforcement of lockdown by your government is unprecedented. necessary palliatives should have to provide to the vulnerable, though it’s perfectly impossible to provide for all.

There is growing unrest when the minister of humanitarian and disaster management announces the feeding of primary school pupils at home there’s urgent for president Buhari to re-strategize the system.

Although, Nigeria under the shadow of President Muhammadu Buhari, have collided with limitless efforts of the Government over standardization of electricity around the nation. It is a great achievement having some changes on mass and standard distribution, bills, avoidance of electricity tariff, and even providing support from the Federal Government.

Perhaps, most of the states in Nigeria are out of electricity tariff but there’s need of President Muhammadu Buhari to overlook those in rural areas and provide the electricity to them, while states with mass population should also be considered with the standard distribution.

Precisely, there’s need of wide wave of calling the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari over the poor undergoing education system in Nigeria, it was well known that Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, but the way our educational system is moving then nobody can predict how worst the future of Nigerian young ones maybe, because of horrible corruption by the governing bodies, lesser tutoring experience by the teachers, girl child maltreatment scandals, poor backgrounds of learning, lack of support by the government and many more challenges.

Therefore, I am urging the President to look over these matters and intervene by taking critical actions before we reach our spot lines.


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