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Kaduna prison mandates families of slain inmates to sign undertaking before releasing corpses


In what seems like a move to avoid legal tussle and to justify its illegality, an official of Kaduna Correctional Facility which is commonly called Kaduna Prisons are demanding that family members of inmates shot dead last month signed an undertaking before the bodies of their loved one be released to them for burial.

The letter of the undertaking which was drafted by officials of Kaduna Correctional Centre, a copy of which was exclusively obtained by spokesmen vividly exonerated prison officials from the death of the inmates and also states that the relatives of the deceases have waived away their right to take any form of legal actions against prison officials or authority.
The relatives also expected to sign that the deceases died from natural death and not from torture, beatings or any other harm meted out by prison officials.

Part of the undertaking reads; “On behalf of the family of the above-named inmate (late), we are pleading with the Nigerian Correctional Service to release his body to me for burial, and that we don’t have anything against the Nigerian Correctional Service about his death.

“We believe that he died a natural death”.

At least 8 inmates were killed last month at the Kaduna Correctional Facility by prison guards backed up with other security personnel in an attempt to quell a protest by the prisoners.

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