Jubilations as we celebrate the birth of, Khadijah, a jewel


Written by Onyinye Iheanacho

We celebrate the birth of a Jewel by name Khadijah Mustapha Bukar who just turned 13 today. She’s a JSS2 student at Efab International School, Abuja.

The first age in the teen world, it’s pretty amazing how time flies. Just yesterday, we were thinking of the unimaginable cry mama went through in those pushes upon your arrival but that was immediately erased when she saw your beautiful face. How bumpy life’s ride can be and the most beautiful things still emerge from it.

We believe the children are our future and every future is believed to be bright and great, of course great things start small, with a little investment of time, money, convenience, resources, that small project becomes huge success.

It feels like it was just yesterday she was born looking so adorable but here she is today, looking all grown up and beautiful both mentally, physically, socially, educationally and other wise because of the investment of love, care, money, that has built her to this height she is in today.

So on this day where you celebrate your birthday, I pray all the investments into you that has made you this wonderful keeps you always wonderful for that great person you will eventually become.

Papa and Mama love and care about you, baby Khady.



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