Gov Buni’s youth inclusivity in governance: A case for Hon Abdulkadir Jajere, by Bello Damagum

It’s an undeniable fact that Governor Mai Mala Buni has altered and progressively changed the dynamics of youths political participation and decision making forever in Yobe. Its a dawn of a new era of youth progressive political leadership.

With the well-deserved appointment of youth in a key position in the present administration, there is no iota of doubt that, the Governor is for the youths and stands for the youths.

He is more than ever before committed to the all-inclusive government where our youth can realise their full potential and contribute positively to development.

It is in the absent of a rabid political mentor that Governor Buni became a role model the youth can look up to for guidance and leadership training and mentorship.

He has defied the odds and given the youths space and courage to participate in the democratic and decision-making processes.

Many see him as a sun shining on a cloudless morning in the Sahel beckoning a new era for the youths. He

The Governor’s rejuvenating and invigorating clenched fist captured loudly in solidarity and support “Ina Matasa” is no longer a campaign slogan but a reality. The appointments of Goje, Salim, Muhajjir, Damagum, Abbas, Kagu, Gombe, Machina etc Governor Buni has demonstrated that his government is youth-friendly and more are coming on board.

Though the youths have missed out in the  State EXCOS there are agencies and one hundred and thousands of ways of engaging and empowering the youths for development. Governor Buni knows the way and he goes the ways. I have not seen him off the way now and even in the long run to dismiss the youths that he so much believes in and their ideas in the development of the state.

The constitution of Care Taker Committee Chairmen or elections of representatives into 17 Local Government is also another opportunity for Governor Buni to engage the youth.

It is on this premise that I want to make a strong case and advocate for Hon Abdulkadir Jajere in Fune Local Government.

He is one of the loyal, energetic and an excellent example of youth progressive political leader who has made a lot of sacrifices and enormous contributions to the APC in Fune Local Government.

He was a Vice-Chairman Fune Local Government between 2017 – 2019 where he performed wonderfully to the admiration of all the people of Fune. As elected Vice-Chairman is the supervisor for the Admin and Finance Department of the LGA and in charge of revenue mobilizations and fiscal responsibilities in Fune.

Hon Jajere has well understood that the noble idea of administering the local council is to ensure service delivery at the local government level and revenue generation.

While some local government council members merely fold their arms complaining about poor funding and economic crunch, he made the best use of the resources on the ground and the results were glaring.

He changes the system of revenue remittances and weekly returns of the entire Fune LGA and ensured improved internally generated revenue in the council. This is the line between the idler and the achiever.

Little wonder, he was awarded the best performing Vice Chairman, Northeast 2017 – 2019. The Award was conferred on him at the National Conference of Association of Nigerian Vice Chairmen’s under the distinguished Chairmanship of former Governor of Kano State, Mal Ibrahim Shekarau in addition to many other meritorious awards he received in service to the people.

Hon Jajere is playing an active role in every political movement and party affairs through which he defines his own path and that of his community.

He has been a good ambassador for the youth not only in Fune but Yobe State in general. He is a grassroots youth mobiliser that will be of immense benefit to the youth-friendly administration of Governor Buni.

There is no doubt, the Fune Local Government will be in safest hands to drive the continuity, consolidation and innovation agenda of the Buni administration to make Yobe State greater and better for all.

Bello Damagum writes from Damagum, Fune Local Government, Yobe State.


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