A Week of Death: After killing 69, gunmen return to Borno village, set houses ablaze


Armed men suspected to be Boko Haram terrorists, on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, returned to Foduma Kolomaiya, a remote village in the northern part of Borno State, less than 24 hours after killing no fewer than 69 people in same village, sources said.

The insurgents had reportedly killed 69 persons in the community, 11 kilometres away from Gazaure town of Gubio Local Government Area of Borno State on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

Gubio which is 96 kilometres away from Maiduguri, is in the northern part of Borno State.

According to a security source, the invaders returned to the village at exactly 6:00am on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

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“We got a distress call this morning that they arrived at the village where dozens were killed on Tuesday, I cannot ascertain the situation now, but the troops would respond swiftly,” a security source said.

Vigilante sources said many might have lost their lives in the early morning raid.

“We are helpless now, the victims plan to bury their people this morning but the insurgents are back after killing nearly 70 people on Tuesday.

“Many houses were razed down during the morning raid,” a vigilante source told Neptune prime on the phone.

In his reaction, the Chairman of Network of Civil Society Organization, Borno State, Amb. Shehu Ahmed said it was a sad incident and called on the military to make the place a no go area for insurgents.

“There is urgent need for the protection of the vulnerable civilians and local Aids workers because they have no option than to fly the route as helicopters space are limited,” he said.

This happened not up to 24 hours when it was reported that on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 69 people were killed instantly during the attack, in Zowo village while 12 others lost their lives on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, after sustaining severe gunshot injuries, and in the process of fleeing into the bush, the victims died, bringing the total casualties to 81.

The attack also saw the killing of 23 animals which include cows, donkeys, goats and sheeps.

Sources revealed to Neptune prime that the insurgents, before storming the village, were sighted at the outskirt around 1pm.

After few minutes, sounds of sporadic shootings using gun trucks engulfed the whole area.

However, the sect also abducted a good number of youths and women, including the village head after  looting foodstuffs and setting some residents ablaze.

A very high ranking politician who is from Gubio Local Government Area and spoke under anonymity confirmed the Zowo village latest attack by terrorists.

His words, “We woke up this morning with the sad news. Armed terrorists invaded one of our communities in Zowo village and wrecked havoc without confrontation.

“So far, 81 people were killed and many others sustained gunshots injuries. They were very inhumane. They raped, loot and set ablaze many houses, after abducting several others.

“The most hit target was at a Dam site where many people, mostly women and children, were fetching water in a queue. The attackers surrounded them and opened fire on them. Scores were killed along with livestock.

“Presently, we are making plans to see how we can visit the community, even though almost all the survivors have reportedly deserted”.

In the past few days, armed bandits have taken hundreds of lives, with their cattles, in Borno State, which is giving rise to the Boko Haram insurgencies and security challenges in the North.

“There is the need to engage the communities, protect the aid workers and ensure peace in the route, especially in moments like this.

“Let us not allow the successes we recorded to slip between our fingers,” Amb. Ahmed said.


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