Coal mine explosion kills 6, others injured in Afghanistan


An explosion in a coal mine in Afghanistan’s Northern Province of Samangan left no fewer than 6 dead, and a further person injured, the province’s deputy governor, Sefatullah Samangani, said on Wednesday.

Two people were killed in the explosion outside the mine.

According to Samangani, the search team has also found four more bodies in the tunnels.

“ At least 12 more workers were still trapped inside the mine and all were feared dead, at least 16 workers were working inside the mine at the time of the accident,’’ Samangani said.

On Tuesday, officials said that three adjacent coal mines exploded due to the ignition of methane gas in Dar-e Suf district, which is part of the impoverished province of Samangan.

According to the officials, many people in the province are involved in informal mining operation, which is carried out without proper safety equipment.

In Samangan, illegal mining is one of the main sources of income, benefiting most of the province’s residents.

Only a few of the province’s mines are under state supervision.


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