Tehran Foreign Minister: I will never surrender to US illegal sanctions


Tehran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi slammed the newly-imposed sanctions against Iran, highlighting that the country will never give in to US’ unilateral measures.

“Iran will not surrender with such sanctions and pressures,” he said on Wednesday in an interview with IRIB, refereeing to recent sanctions imposed by US on some Iranian tankers.

“Sanctions that are being announced by American officials are the same as previous ones,” he said, noting that American officials are just re-announcing the sanctions.

He recommended Washington to abandon these “illegal and unilateral” measures.

“America’s unilateral sanctions are more against its own allies and world trade than against Iran,” he said, stressing that such embargo have no international support.

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The world should wake up and stand against extra-territorial measures of the United States, he highlighted.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mousavi said that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most of the diplomatic travels have been canceled while meetings are held via video-conferencing. Some of the visits, such as FM Zarif’s trip to Syria, or Foreign Ministry’s officials to Afghanistan, were realized due to their necessity, he added.

“If the conditions are right, Foreign Minister will travel to two neighboring countries for holding talks; the details of visits will be announced after finalization,” he said.


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