Democracy day, is it really worth celebrating? by Ƙasim Isa Muhammad


Our leaders took an oath that they will protect our lives and properties which they have failed woefully.

Terrorists are killing innocent citizens on a daily basis, but this government paid a lip service on all these happenings.

What is the purpose of democracy if people cannot move freely? With no iota of doubt, people voted for this government solely because of the insecurity challenges that pervades the country in 2015.

Also, Democracy in Nigeria has now changed to another version,  where the politicians fight, struggle and shout while campaigning but sadly they remain silent after being voted into office. That clearly shows the weaknesses of democracy in Nigeria.

However, the people of the country began to understand their rights under democracy, since they can come together to lament about the obstacle they’re going through in either protest or media platforms at various level.

But, what makes the situation tougher is the way our leaders are not paying attention to the needs of the people unless uttering words or using their Aides to sympathize, which seems to be unfair because the people need actions, not voice.

Therefore, democracy in Nigeria has also brought a new way of developing nepotism, mismanagement, insecurity issues and much more.

That’ll be happening because of the unjust shown to the people, we can’t celebrate democracy in a country where bandits will come and attack a community for hours then flew away, we can’t celebrate democracy in a country where vacancy of jobs are only meant for the sons of the caliphate, we can’t celebrate democracy in a country where leaders worry about the restructuring roads and buildings than worrying about the lives of the people, we can’t celebrate democracy in a country where a person may loot a huge amount of government funds and encounter no trials.

Government at all levels needs to take serious actions. The masses that voted them in are really suffering but the government doesn’t seem to show due concern on the issue.

Incessant killings all over the country, theft, kidnapping, communal clashes, banditry and rape has now plagued the nation into an utmost confusion but the government only decides on only tackling the deadly pandemic.

The Government should live up to the promises they made back then during elections,  so they can truly move this country forward and make it a better place.

May Allah bring Normalcy to Nigeria and annihilate all the culprits.


  1. I’ve just finished reading Kassim Isa Muhammad’s piece.: Democracy Day: Is it Worth Celebrating?

    I am usually very wary when I read people blaming the democracy or democratic system of government for our current situation.

    Let’s be careful what we wish for. Perfection does not come in a day or two. It’s not all our everyday dream that are good. And one of them is waking up to blame democracy as the dource of our current woes.

    What do you wish for? Return to military rule or monarchical traditional system of government?

    Was it not the long spell of military rule over many decades that brought us to this messy situation?

    Why are we still dreaming about the past or romanticizing with the past?

    Let’s face the current challenges squarely and solve them rather than blame the system and not the politicians.

    The Western countries from where we copied the Democratic system of government did not have good from the very beginning. There were trials and errors, rise and fall. Both the leaders and the followers made a lot of unimaginable sacrifices over the arch of time and space.
    Today, they are very strong, enduring of all tribulations and consequently objects or subjects of envy worldwide. The countries under the yoke of various form of dictatorship or despotism are envious of them. Why?

    In fact, I have never buy their lines of arguments and sometimes end up attacking their positions.

    I’ve quarreled with a lot of people over this.

    The problem is not democracy but with the kind of politicians that the country is unfortunately saddled with.


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