Police in Port Harcourt apprehend women with stolen child (Video)


Five women who deal in buying and selling of babies were apprehended by the police in Port Harcourt while negotiating the sale of a two-week-old baby.

One of the women who identified herself as Mrs Roseline Nwokocha from Umuahia was arrested with her sister, Chioma, at Rumuokuta junction in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Chioma had accompanied her to Rivers State to see the baby, she said.

Mrs Roseline revealed that it was not her first time of doing the business. She said the last time she came to Port Harcourt to buy a baby, her sister Chioma accompanied her because she was sick.

During interrogation, she revealed that the previous child she bought cost her 1.1 million Naira. The two-week old baby she was trying to buy was to be sold at 1 million Naira but she planned to give the child to the buyers at 1.1 million Naira.

She was apprehended with the N1.1 million Naira in cash, and stated that it was the buyers, whose names she did not reveal, who gave her the money as she left Umuahia for Port Harcourt.

When she was asked who she planned to pay the money to, she pointed at another woman in the group who identified herself as Chi Chi.

Chi Chi was asked who she planned to get the baby from and she pointed to another woman named Aunty Ify. She said Aunty Ify approached her that she had a baby for sale at 950,000 Naira, so she topped her gain of 50,000 Naira and sold to Mrs Nwokocha at 1 million Naira. She said once Mrs Nwokocha’s money is handed to her, she will hand Aunty Ify’s share to her and Ify will then bring the baby.

When asked where she got the baby she wanted to sell, Aunty Ify said she had no idea. She said someone called her that they had a baby to sell so she set the wheels in motion.

Mrs Roseline Nwokocha was asked what happened to the baby she bought two weeks ago and she said the baby is in Aba with a couple. She was asked for the couple’s name but she couldn’t provide an answer.

She was also asked what she planned to do with the baby she came to buy before she was apprehended and she said a couple from Umuahia were to adopt the child. She also said she couldn’t remember the couple’s names.

A 5th woman in the group was identified to be the mother of the previous baby Mrs Nwokocha bought.


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