How to identify rapists through the medium of handwritten specimen, by Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu

Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu
Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu

The recent surge in rape cases across the world have become deadly tragic and source of serious concern to many a right thinking person and enlightening groups, which have led to recent protests and outcries all over. Contemporary accounts of rape cases are unsatisfactorily heinous in different parts of the world growing at alarmingly disheartening proportions. A few lines of such rape cases include: Queensland woman ‘strangled, raped’ in alleged domestic violence attack; Kenyan University blames female student’s ‘recklessness’ for gang rape; man jailed for raping and killing teenager who gave him shelter (in the UK); accused rapist allegedly murder teen victim’s father; serial ‘pillowcase rapist’ ‘arrested’ in Florida; Indian woman ‘gang raped’ after being quarantined alone in school; Teenager admits raping and murdering old school friend; man arrested for kidnapping and raping minor girl in Meghalaya; 50-year-old held for rape attempt on baby girl in Madhya Pradesh (India); rape cases that led to deaths: Vera in Edo State (Nigeria) and Barakat Bello in Oyo State (Nigeria); rape of a 12-year-old girl in Northwest Jigawa State (Nigeria), among other several rape cases around the world.

Who are Rapists?

Rapists are depraved and despicable inhuman beasts cloaked in diversely different shades, tints, hues and tones as humans walking in the streets or offices, each rapist in his or her devolving phase of arithmetic or geometric retrogression… remains the scum of the earth.
According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (1828), it defines RAPIST as “a person who rapes someone: a person who commits rape”; Urban Dictionary (Google, 2020) defines RAPIST as “a person that is found to have forced sexual relations on another individual”; while rape, according to (Google, 2020) is “unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.” Discordant tones, pollute the air, men of the world are really sick, it then requires surgically emergent overhauling “the brains” of the earthmen restoring such to sanity, health and wealth with their gazes upturn towards genuine progress in the scheme of all things.

Dr. Shuvendu Sen, Associate Programme Director, Internal Medicine Residency, Raritan Bay Medical Center, India – explains that, “A majority of rapists have anti-social and narcissistic personality disorders. What we need to know is that child molesters and rapists are troubled minds turned sick. Most of these human traits develop during childhood and adolescence.
Medicine, behavioural counseling, psychosocial support and allied therapies, all need to work together to harness those minds before they turn loose.” In one study, it was proved that rapists display significantly higher levels of aggression, indirect hostility, assault, negativism as well as verbal hostility. Another study revealed that rapists suffered from schizoid, sadistic and passive-aggressive traits. “A rapist doesn’t necessarily have to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs but it is the mind that is prone to such heinous acts”, Dr Shuvendu Sen opines.

Rapist is not about colour – white or black, such can be from any race or tribe, educated, professional, unlearned or unlettered individual. The heart of the matter about rape is connected to high prevalent moral decadence, criminality of all kinds, high level of mental depravity and moral bankruptcy, impulsivity and uncontrolled anger outbursts, verbal and
physical violence, paranoid behaviour, immature thinking and impressionable character traits, fantasies of degradation and insensitivity, undue sexual gratifications, gratuitous aggression, not-normal-but-immorally burdened with morbid sexual instinct aggravated with misleading masks of shamelessness, amorality and many more; Rapists become degenerate aberrants, devolving far beyond pathetic geometric retrogression, demons in human faces. Rape has now been considered one of the most under-reported crimes across the world, and the very brutality of this act (rape) leaves many a right thinking person trembling with disbelief. High moral bankruptcy and heinously intellectual domination in men breed innumerable vices, including rape cases. Rapists are criminals who are shameless, insensitive, selfish, greedy, corrupt and impure in thoughts and manner. However from the graphological perspective (Ezeohagwu, 2015; Holder,1969), rapists manifest similar psychographic (handwriting) features in their scripts and signatures as similar to those of terrorists, racists, assassins, kidnappers and bombers. Rapists, racists, terrorists, assassins, kidnappers and bombers are all criminals in the truest sense of the word”. All forms of criminality … are all caused by the unhealthy cerebral disconnect (Ezeohagwu, 2017). Unhealthy cerebral disconnect has given birth to several human vices such as corruption, greed, dishonesty, insensitivity, moral-mental depravity, pervasive aggression, violence, shamelessness, narrow-mindedness and so on and so forth. The unhealthy cerebral disconnect is a rooted evil of extraordinary psychological- psychic disorder… brought about by the over-cultivated intellect and subsequent effect of stunted intuitive volition on the human brain, as foremost proclaimed by Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, in his work: “In The Light of Truth”, as the root of all evils.

Dr William Preyer (1895), a German child psychologist discovered through his several researches, and opined that: “Handwriting is actually Brain writing”, this is due to the fact that processes of handwriting originate in the brain. Handwriting is the graphically frozen movements of human thoughts and neural impulses brought about by the neuromuscular psychic process as a fine psychomotor skill that originates in the brain or human volition and translated onto paper, which mirrors the personality traits, mental health status and behavioural pattern of the author as indicated through the analysis of the psychographic (handwriting) features of the handwriting specimens (Ezeohagwu, 2018).

Human brain is a nervous structure of great hierarchy that regulates multiple functions of the whole human body. The act of handwriting is the result of definite cerebral areas of the brain which combine processes that are related to movement, the intellectual (thoughts generated by the intellect(cerebrum) part of the brain) and the emotional (thoughts blended with strong feelings). In this complex line of connections, millions of brain cells are activated and work together. The impulses that activate the brain cells are electrochemical and convey the information that gets to the hand, with the order of handwriting movement on graphical space. Each thought generated by an individual affects his or her behaviour. Thoughts become material and concrete, and handwriting proves and reflects it. It is a result of what occurs in the brain (intellectual/cerebrum part of the brain) and movements are then controlled in posture and balance by the cerebellum (backbrain or intuition). Thoughts that are nurtured by human beings cause certain chemical substances that provoke feelings and emotions to be generated. However, each thought provokes a chemical reaction that corresponds to an emotion in the human body. In other words, each human personality trait is represented by a neurological brain pattern; each neurological brain pattern produces a unique neuromuscular movement that is similar to every person who has that particular personality trait, for example when a human being nurtures pure and noble thoughts of happiness, optimism, peacefulness, patience, diligence, generosity, resourcefulness, goodwill, intelligence, joy and vitality, among other similar virtuous traits…. the human brain awakens and produces certain chemicals (endorfines, dopamine, etc) which cause happiness, optimism, peacefulness, patience, diligence, generosity, resourcefulness, goodwill, intelligence, joy and vitality, among other similar virtuous traits to emerge and be effected in the handwriting and lead to the development of such virtues in the writer; while when another human being nurtures impure and ignoble thoughts of anger, violence, hatred, murder, rape, envy, lust, avarice, jealousy and many other kindred human evil traits (vices) also awaken and produce definite chemicals in the human brain (neuropeptides, among others) to which the bod ( person’s body) responds, which lead to feelings of anger, violence, hatred, murder, rape, envy, lust, avarice, jealousy and many other kindred human evil traits (vices) and when such becomes habitual in a human being, such a human being becomes rapist, terrorist, racist, bomber, kidnapper and assassin.

Unhealthy cerebral disconnect (in the human brain) refers to disproportionate or over-cultivation of the intellect (frontal brain or cerebrum), which generates thoughts and emotions in writing at the expense of intuition (backbrain or cerebellum), which co-ordinates muscle movements, maintain posture and balance in the process of handwriting, the resultant effects of unhealthy cerebral disconnect (of human brain) cause every script and signature documents of rapists manifest: Stuntingly shorter Upperzone letter strokes and exaggeratedly longer Lowerzone letter strokes, bringing about arrhythmic movements and imbalance in psychographic features; inconsistent pressure texture strokes and undue emphasis on the middlezone and lowerzone letter strokes.

Every rapist also exhibits in his or her script and signature features: disagreeable pastosity of coarse, untidy or blurred pressure texture strokes and the abundantly psychographic telltale symptoms of disorderly pattern and arrhythmic formations which indicate strong need to satisfy urges of negative, physiological, pervasive, materialistic and wanton sexuality, cruelty and violence; lowerzone letter formations (features) especially the loops that extend to the left combine with the pastosity of coarse, untidy or blurred strokes to indicate an explosive temper with perversely sadistic tendencies that result in serial rapes and murder of rape victims in certain rape situations; the low (poor) form level in the quality of writing pattern, expression of overall appearance – as in organization, simplicity of form, rhythm, uniqueness and dynamic forward movement of writing: indicates weakness of character and repression of anger; the presence of unevenly dispersedly inscribed gaps between letters in a word, words in a line and lines in a paragraph, and paragraphs in a page… are clues that rapists do not humanely socialize with others.

John Wayne Gacy’s Script and Signature specimen

Source: Handwriting features of rapists and killers by Anna Koren (Google, 2020)

Douglas Clark’s Script and Signature Specimen

Handwriting features of rapists and killers by Anna Koren (Google, 2020)

Randy Woodfield’s Script and Signature specimen

Source: Handwriting features of rapists and killers by Anna Koren (Google, 2020)

Hubert Geralds’s Script and signature specimen

Source: Handwriting features of rapists and killers by Anna Koren (Google, 2020)

The explanation regarding the imbalance and arrhythmic movements and other psychographic symptoms caused by the unhealthy cerebral disconnect of the frontal brain (cerebrum) in liking up with the backbrain (cerebellum) to generate jointly harmonious functional roles of balance, rhythmic movements and right posture, can be correlated with the Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (1943) in relation to handwriting zones.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.

Illustration of stuntingly shorter upperzone letter strokes and exaggeratedly longer lowerzone letter strokes (typical rapists’ handwriting specimen).

Source: Ben Ezeohagwu’s archives (2020)

In the sense of the unhealthy cerebral disconnect (of the human brain) which is caused by over- cultivation of the frontal brain (Cerebrum) at the expense of backbrain (Cerebellum), which manifests in rapists’ scripts and signature as Stuntingly Shorter Upperzone letter strokes and exaggeratedly longer lowerzone letter strokes; Inconsistent pressure texture strokes and undue emphasis on the middlezone and lowerzone letter strokes; disagreeable pastosity of coarse, untidy or blurred pressure texture strokes and the abundantly psychographic telltale symptoms of disorderly patterns, andrhythmless formations, which indicate strong need to satisfy urges of negative physiological, pervasive, materialistic and wanton sexuality, cruelty and violence, portray a process that unfortunately celebrates actualization of physiological needs (exaggeratedly longer lowerzone letter strokes) of the rapists -as result of the coarsely mundane and physically developed densely impure thoughts and drives to actualize those material needs of survival: food, drink, shelter, sleep and sex, unfortunately at the expense of higher purpose of self-actualization needs of peace, knowledge, self-fulfillment, realization of personal potential, personal growth and peak experiences (as expressed in the stuntingly shorter upperzone letter strokes) – (Ezeohagwu, 2018).

No doubt, rapists can become genuine human beings again. Every human is a resultant product of free decisions which ultimately lead to subsequent experiences and fate, man then carves his or her strengths, weaknesses thereby becoming human or inhuman on the path of
development to maturity or immaturity.

Oskar Ernst Bernhardt (1875 – 1941), a German Writer and Author, in his work entitled “In The Light of Truth”, admonishes every human irrespective of race, language, colour and creed as follows:
(a) “keep the heart of your thoughts pure, by so doing you will bring peace and be happy”-
English Translation.
(b) “man must awaken from his comfortable indolence to become at last what he should have been from the beginning – one who is bent on furthering Creation and a mediator of light to all creatures!”- English Translation.
(c) “No nation and no people can flourish and prosper where the man is unable to look up to the woman in her womanliness! Only genuine, purest womanhood can awaken and lead a man to great deeds! Nothing else! And that is the vocation of woman in creation according to God‘s will! Through this she uplifts her nation and all humanity.” – English Translation.

How can humans become helpers in building a peaceful, progressive and healthy world, when some men rape women (vice versa), where alarming cases of rape and murder occur? It is absolutely impossible to grow in that faulty foundation. Of course… most men of the earth have long way to go in supporting as channels in building on earth true reflections of Heavenly abode. Men of the earth must begin from that point as enumerated above and awaken and live as real human beings whose brains are tending towards becoming balanced as they should at last!

Ben Ezeohagwu is Professor of Graphonomy and Chancellor, African American University, Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin., and can be reached at; 08173175540.


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