How Facebook comment broke marriage after wife revealed she’d cheat for N200k


Gospel Josiah, a Twitter user, recently left many people stunned after he shared the story of a woman who lost her marriage over some Facebook comments made on a ‘singles and married’ group on the platform.

According to the story, the group had posted a question asking its members if they’d cheat on their spouses for the sum of N10 million. The lady who had just done her traditional marriage and was two weeks away from her white wedding responded.

She stated that the amount was too much and that she’d cheat on her husband for the sum far less than that. She wrote that she’d cheat for N200k. Her comments reportedly led to the end of her marriage.

“She said that the amount was even too much that she can cheat on her husband if offered only 200K. Someone that knows her told her to delete that comment because her wedding is coming up and she is already married culturally as an Igbo lady,” Josiah’s post read.

According to the story, two more people asked her to delete the comment but she lashed out at them and wrote: “Who has marriage epp? There is no GPS in my private part.”

The lady later deleted the comments but not before a relative of the groom had managed to take a screenshot and forwarded to her mother-in-law who is a senior civil servant and deaconess in Mountain of Fire church.

This caused an outrage and a family meeting was held to address the issue. The bride was summoned and in tears, she said she was only joking but the family refused to accept her apology.

According to Josiah, the marriage has since been called off and the groom’s family are planning to go and collect the dowry paid on her head.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady identified as @sophiesweet_01 on Instagram recently took to the platform to share her views on cheating and why it is needed in relationships.

According to the young lady who has ‘brand influencer’ in her bio, women need to cheat on their men in order to spice up their relationships as it is needed.


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