Rolls-Royce claims new system ensures virus-free in-car air within 2 minutes


Urban communities might be stifling under a dimness of contamination and smoke yet up and coming Rolls-Royce vehicles would serve to be perfect adventures crossing the melancholy while keeping occupants breathing totally clean air inside.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recently explained how its engineers have developed Micro Environment Purification System (MEPS) to ensure the in-car microenvironment is the cleanest in any car anywhere in the world.

Rolls-Royce says it has figured out how to build the effectively elevated level of in-car air purity to exceptional levels with the MEPS utilizing the most recent sensor and something called nanofluids filtration technology.

MEPS seeks to protect occupants from harmful carbon, pollen, viruses and bacterial contaminants. The new Ghost will make use of a full suite of hardware and software improvements that together make up MEPS.

Rolls-Royce explains that highly sensitive impurity detection sensors constantly detect ambient pollution levels and automatically switch to recirculation mode if contaminants are found to be present. The nanofluid filter then is touted to get rid of ultra-fine particles, viruses and bacteria in under two minutes.

Rising pollution levels in urban areas around the world have led several carmakers to focus on in-car air filtration systems. Many have made big claims of offering the latest technology in providing fresh and clean air to passengers inside their vehicles.

Hyundai, for instance, recently unveiled three new air-conditioning technologies which all claim to offer a significantly improved in-cabin air.

From mass-market players like Hyundai to luxury car makers like Rolls-Royce, the ringing alarm bells warning of pollution levels is being heard loud and clear.


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