Rainy Season: Erosion threatens Bauchi estates


Story from Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

Erosion is threatening the famous Bauchi Tambari Housing estates where hundreds of households live caused environmental hazard.

Residents of Tambari housing estate in Bauchi state capital cried out over erosion engulfing the area and appeal to the state and federal governments to come to their aid.

Speaking with journalists on behalf of the residents, the community leader Abdullahi shayibu, Ward heads of Tambari phase 1 and 2 Dr Umar U Ningi and Nuuman Umar said that the erosion has continued to pose a great danger to the area every rainy season and asked the state and federal governments to tackle the problems.

They said that the erosion is caused by a stream popularly known as ‘Rafin Tambari’ that splashes and invades the land during raining periods.

“The erosion is threatening the whole estate in recent times where plots of lands and houses nearby are submerged annually due to the large volume of water that passes through.

“Natural and human factors are gradually worsening the situation thereby leading to the expansion of the water channel. We attribute the problems to the activities of tipper and pick-up drivers who evacuate sand from the stream for construction purposes while all efforts to address the trends proved abortive.” They stated.

The residents, therefore, asked the state government to source for funds from the federal government under the ecological funds to embark on a project that could save the area from the environmental hazard.


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