Mother Cries Out: My daughter can’t marry due to health challenge

Sadiya Mohammed
Sadiya Mohammed

It is every mother’s dream to see her daughter married off to a man who can take care of her. But for Malama Khadijah, a resident of Sabon-Gari area of Gashu’a, Yobe State that dream may never come to fruition as her teenage daughter requires major surgery before she can get married  despite her ravishing beauty.

The 14-year old Sadiya Mohammed who had finished her UBE education but couldn’t go further because of her medical condition is suffering from bones complication which according to medical experts will not allow her to have marital affair with a man if it is not reversed.

Her helpless parent has tried all that they could to rescue her situation but to no avail as the major surgery that is required to save Sadiya’s future is above their means.

The conundrum is exacerbated by the fact that Sadiya may continue to live in excruciating pain of not having a life partner apart from shattering her dream of becoming a University graduate.

On her behalf, we appeal to Yobe State Government, Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, and other well-meaning individuals to come to her aid so that Sadiya will be able to get married like her friends.


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