Graphoanalysis of Oladejo Azeez’s signature, by Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu

Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu
Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu

The signature signifies human personality code that tells the world how an individual would like to be viewed, particularly at this age of computers and word processors, the signature remains one of the evidences of a personal identity that a human being can be identified with.  For instance, take a signed document, the signature on it is you, who signed it. So you are your signature,  it is accepted as such on official documents,  namely: driving license, credit cards, passport, personal ID, library ticket, medical card, National Insurance Card, cheques, court documents, job applications,  Contract documents, and so on and so forth.

On the ongoing abracadabra of crises and conflicts involving the Vice-Chancellor and the Governing Council of the University of Lagos which have portrayed the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos in a bad light require as a graphologist to take a fair look inwardly into one of the actors in the drama, take the personality of Oladejo Azeez, as a means to unravel chemistry of neural impulses and thought waves that represent to a reasonable extent the collective volitions of the Governing Council camp in its birds of a feather, in their varied calibres.

WHO IS OLADEJO AZEEZ?                

Oladejo Azeez is a Registrar and Secretary to the Governing Council at the University of Lagos, Nigeria (Google, 2020), and by making reference to the document signed by him (Oladejo Azeez) entitled: “NOTICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ON THE REMOVAL OF THE VICE CHANCELLOR UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS”, dated Wednesday, August 12, 2020, as reported by ThisDay Newspaper (Online). With this signed document, I hereby graphoanalyse the Oladejo Azeez’s signature in accordance as deduced from  Richard Craze (1994) in his book entitled: “Graphology For Beginners”,  Robert Holder (1969) in his book entitled: “You Can Analyze Handwriting” and Google (2020) as follows:


Oladejo Azeez has noticeably largely and broadly encircled signature, which means he is an individual who desires to be protected, he is defensive and looks forward to reassurance from others of like-mindedness.

Oladejo Azeez has a big signature, which portrays he has a sense of self-confidence and high status, and strives to attain and remains in such.

Oladejo Azeez manifests ascending signature, which means, he possesses a sense of ambition, optimism, creativity and vitality.

He has fairly heavily pressured capital stroke-like number “I” at the left side of the largely and broadly encircled signature, which portray in him certain pride and materialistic tendencies.

In summary, Oladejo Azeez is an individual who desires and works towards attaining high status by self-confidence, ambition, optimism, creativity and vitality of mind, and endears himself to others of like-mindedness, so to be protected, defended and reassured.

He has enormous energy which blends towards pride and materialistic tendencies. No doubt, Oladejo Azeez requires a number of personality changes to make, to enable him to move further towards the next ladder of humane ideals.

Ben Ezeohagwu won the Onigraffiks Prize for literature (2017).  He is Professor of Graphonomy and Chancellor, African American University, Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin and can be reached at Email:,, 08173175540


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