WWE Legend: ‘It would not bother me’ if I never wrestled again – Triple H

WWE legend Triple H

WWE legend Triple H has cast doubts on his return to the ring after announcing he is “not bothered” if he wrestles again.

The 51-year-old, real name Paul Levesque, has not fought since June 2019 when he lost to Randy Orton at Super Showdown.

He still remains at the forefront of the industry and is currently the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE, as well as being the founder and Executive producer of NXT.

When quizzed on his future, Triple H revealed how he was unofficially retired and is waiting for the right moment.

Asked if he had plans to return to the ring, he told The Bill Simmons Podcast: “Right now, zero. I just feel like there’s a moment where you go, ‘I’m retired’, but you’re not.

“I’d rather just not say it and if the right opportunity comes up that everybody believes is right, and I believe I can do it without it falling apart, me or the match, then okay, I would consider it.

“I am not at a point where I would say, ‘Absolutely not, under any circumstances, but probably not that far off.’

“The thing for me that’s good is I’m so transitioned over and satisfied with the other aspects of my career and my life and everything else, I get as much fun and excitement out of watching others do it and succeed at it.”

Triple H added how his main priority is to help develop the new generation of wrestlers breaking into the big time.

He added: “So, I always will use this analogy, for me, NXT for me in a way, and even the main roster, watching the guys and the girls because they all come through there, it’s the difference between as exciting as your own career is, it’s watching your kids succeed at something.

“It’s a different level of passion and excitement and the pride that you feel.

“While it was exhilarating for you, it’s the been there done that side to me.

“The other side is almost better. I prefer the helping them, whatever aspects we can with that, and giving them the opportunity to go out and shine.

“If the opportunity does not come for me to step back in the ring, I get asked it a lot.

“It would not bother me. I would not be like, “Oh, man! I missed those last two years. I should have done it when I could have.”

Triple H made his debut in 1995 and won the WWE Championship nine times, along with the heavyweight belt on five occasions.

With Tag Team titles and two Royal Rumbles – he will go down in history as one of the best.


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