U.S travel ban to North Korea extended

President Donald Trump

Story from Ramatu MUHAMMED, Abuja

The U.S. Department of State has extended the ban on its nationals to travel to North Korea by another year, citing a risk of detention for U.S. passport holders.

The U.S. Federal Register published the extension  contained in a public notification.

“The department of state has determined that there is continuos serious risk to U.S. citizens and nationals of arrest and long-term detention, representing an imminent danger to their physical safety,” the statement read.

According to the department of state, the extension of the travel ban took effect from Sept. 1st and will be valid until Aug. 31st, 2021. The ban can be removed or extended again, depending on the decision of the U.S. Secretary of State.

The ban was introduced in 2017 and then repeatedly extended, with an exception for officials and journalists.

The prohibition came after Otto Warmbier, a U.S. college student, was arrested while on a tourist trip to North Korea in January 2016, for trying to steal a political poster.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison but was returned to the U.S. in an unconscious state 17 months later, and died shortly after.


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