A glimpse of Physiotherapy, by Abba Muhammad Tawfiq

Physiotherapy in Intensive Care Unit, by Abba Muhammad Tawfiq
Abba Muhammad Tawfiq.

Every 8th of September is an essential day that the whole world celebrates this noble profession that has continued to provide succour, give hope and change the lives of numerous patients across the world by the unique approach to treating patients.

The essence of Physiotherapists cannot be overemphasized in our day to day activities. Unfortunately, they are many who barely know that this profession exists, they are those who are well aware that it does. But do hardly know what it entails.

I could recall one of my friends with whom we got admission to study Physiotherapy at the University of Maiduguri. He went to Abuja to meet his relatives and inform them that he had gotten admission to study Physiotherapy only for his joy to be short-lived when he was inundated with questions that showed most of them barely knew a profession as this existed let alone a course of this nature being offered in Nigeria.

I know they are still many who do not know. For this, I will attempt to explain what it entails.

Physiotherapists are trained, qualified and licensed healthcare professionals with sufficient knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Clinical reasoning to diligently engage in an examination process to identify potential and existing problems.

Establish diagnosis and prognosis and provide therapeutic tasks to patients or clients contrary to the use of conventional medicine and or surgery. Thus, minimizing the havoc wrecked by these on the body. Also, develop and implement discharge plans (where necessary).

Physiotherapists have been instrumental in fighting pain, impairment and disability resulting to deformity and sweep the board by their tireless efforts in the restoration of mobility and function in patients with neuromusculoskeletal deterioration following surgery or trauma which prevent them from effectively executing quotidian activities of living.

Physiotherapists ensure the full scale of restoration of balance and coordination, improvement of muscle performance (power/strength, endurance) and function from the spectrum end of severity which can’t ever be achieved by mere use of drugs.

Physiotherapy and physiotherapists remarkably elevate the quality of life from healing to injury prevention as they facilitate good posture training and caution against the bad ones which may lead to pain and functional compromise and as such depending on your problems, you do not have to be sick before seeking their services and consultation.

Physiotherapists workplaces include but not exclusively hospitals, academics, sports, administration, industrial/corporate, military to mention but few.

8th September to remember.

World Physiotherapy Day.

Abba Muhammad Tawfiq is a 4oo level Physiotherapy student, University of Maiduguri.


  1. So intriguing article. You really represent Unimaid physiotherapy department and the University in general, we are proud of you.


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