Side chicks are glorified prostitutes, says Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi


Veteran Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi, has advised ladies never to be a man’s “side chick”. The 55-year-old film star took to her Instagram page yesterday, where she spoke against women who plot to take the place of already married women.

She also described ladies with such tendencies as “glorified prostitutes.”

“Your physical construct has nothing to do with your inner construct. With the grace of God, you operate and regulate life not from the outside but from the inside out,” she wrote.



“Your ‘glorified dust’ flesh, booty, well-rounded hips, breast, face, will depreciate but the contents of your mind will remain. That’s what keeps men glued long after the warmth of the flesh dies out. “You can ask Sarah in the Holy Bible. And it can’t be overemphasized that a virtuous woman is the one with, not just an attractive physical attribute but one endued with the wisdom of God.

“Therefore a virtuous woman will refuse every advance to be made a side chick. A side chick is a glorified prostitute and a prostitute is a strange woman. Receive grace not to be lured !”

“Having been lured and deceived into becoming a side chick, told by your captor that he will soon divorce his wife. You keep servicing him with all the sexual styles you can fathom,” she added.

“But before you know what’s happening, oga’s Mrs, is pregnant again. You ask, ‘your wife is pregnant again?’ And he says it’s a mistake, don’t worry, when she delivers, I will chase her away.

“But the circle continues and you’re still servicing, still waiting, still being used, still being imprisoned. And even if you succeed and become the Mrs, you’re forever looking back…

“Never trust your captor’s faithfulness, seeing every female around him as a threat. You’re even more wicked than your captor! Who Bewitched you? Receive sense, be delivered in Jesus’ name.”


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