Ekiti Gov’t partners NEPC to drive agricultural export

Story from Kenneth AFOR, Lagos

Ekiti State Government has disclosed that it is partnering with the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) in selecting a single crop in which it has the comparative advantage for the NEPC to help promote.

The Commissioner for Investment, Trade and Industry, Mr Muyiwa Olumilua said this during delegates of the NEPC’s visit to the state.

Ekiti State, according to Olumilua is blessed with fertile lands and a larger population of the people are either into subsistent or commercialise farming.

He also revealed that the state has a comparative advantage in food and cash crops such as cassava, rice, yam, bananas, cocoa and cashew, among others adding that the state is ready for the strategic partnership with the NEPC to help maximise the potential in the agricultural sector.

It is to this that the NEPC Director-General, Mr Segun Awolowo after meeting with the state government pledged to support the state in enhancing its agricultural potential through an export-driven partnership.

Olumilua quoting Awolowo said that, “NEPC is strongly driving the nation’s “zero oil plan” with the aim of diversifying Nigeria’s export capacity, and drastically reducing the country’s dependence on revenue from crude oil exports.

“NEPC is desirous of forging a strategic partnership with Ekiti State. The executive director said the Council had set up a field office in Ekiti State, apart from the regional office, to enable it to work closely with the state Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry,” said Olumilua.


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