Meet Zainab Abacha, wife of Senator Lado Danmarke

Hajiya Zainab Abacha.
Hajiya Zainab Abacha.

Many people may not know this but Senator Yakubu Lado DanMarke is married to one of the daughters of Late General Sani Abacha, former Nigeria’s Head of State, in the person of Hajiya Zainab Abacha.

Zainab Abacha is the third born of Late Abacha with his wife Maryam Abacha.

Hajiya Zainab married Senator Lado as his second wife when he was Senator representing Katsina South (Funtua Zone).

Zainab is believed to be educated, highly influential and wealthy, who have been at the centre of her husband’s politics and major financier of his campaigns.

Below is the full list of Abacha’s children:

Mohammed Abacha – Son

Sadiq Abacha – Son

Zainab Abacha – Daughter

Ibrahim Abacha – Son

Rakiya Abacha – Daughter

Abba Abacha – Son

Abdullahi Abacha – Child

Mahmud Sani Abacha – Son

Fatima Gumsu Sani Abacha – Daughter

Al Mustapha Abacha – Son


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