Open letter to NLC leadership, by Matawalli Ajagana Geidam

Bauchi NLC, TUC urge state gov't to pay over N20 billion

With the effects of several months of covid-19 global pandemic induced lock downs yet to take its full calamitous toll on nations as surmised by economic analysts, it is unbelievable and amazing how people oriented organized labour bodies, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) are trying to arm twist the federal government to reverse the possibly only practical alternatives aimed at reducing the simmering nascent effects on the poor.

That those decisions were taken at a time the leadership of the country at all levels are in the hands of upright and decorous people who respect human rights, the rule of law and are labour and masses friendly shows how profoundly deeply necessary the decisions taken must be.

The planned nationwide strike by the NLC and TUC at this time when the distress, adversities and tribulations of the global lock downs, and the seemingly unending unnecessary insurgency and other security concerns are crippling the economy is not a wise decision in addressing the recent minor increase in prices of petrol (PMS) and electricity tariffs – both still the cheapest in most parts of the world.

The entire national leadership – President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Prof. Yomi Osibanjo, the senate president, Dr Ahmad Lawan, the speaker and indeed all members of the National Assembly, cabinet members and aides may be having sleepless nights over those unavoidable policies. Policies that however, were aimed at taking from the minority elite and giving to the poor majority. Policies aimed at enabling government to continue discharging her already drawn people oriented programs such as addressing the problems of the power sector, connecting major cities of the country with railway lines, providing necessary incentives to farmers to make our country food self sufficient, rehabilitating collapsing public infrastructure including those in our public schools, hospitals, etc.

Who among our present crop of leaders does labour think wants the worker or common man to suffer? Is it our very own PMB? Haba! Our  retired galant army general, Baba has always been the darling of the poor man and all his policies are poor people oriented. The VP and SP are self effacing academic scholars of deepest colouration. Our National Assembly, full of brilliant scholars and seasoned administrators, is led by a top notch UK university trained PhD holder and brilliant academic. Both VP and The SP are in fact full pledged ASUU members on leave of absence in the service of their fatherland!

Labour should support and make additional proposals to those of these dedicated leaders and their aides and get us better solutions if any.


NNPC, the cash cow of the economy and subsidiaries are in safe hands under a fellow unionist, the GMD, Mele Kyari, a due process and accountability wooer, who rose through the ranks including a stint at union leadership to reach the top. The ruling party’s interim leadership is also in the hands of a reconciliation guru, mentor of the Nigerian youth, a humble servant leader, honourable Mai Mala Buni, who strives hard to empower poor citizens in all his programs in Yobe.

Please don’t plunge us deeper into more problems by adding nation wide strike to those glaring global problems. If this strike goes ahead  as proposed it is not in the interest of workers or the common man.

Geidam, Ph.D, was the immediate past DVC Academic Services at Yobe State University, Damaturu and can be reached at matawalligeidam.


  1. I don’t support this strike because the increase in electricity tariff and petrol is as a result of global pandemic, and most of the countries in the world do increase their own even more than ours. May Allah ease our hardship and bles our leaders.

  2. Despite the fact that GMB is a last choice of the common man, His integrity has slowed down as a result of inappropriate leadership style and improper fund utilization. Why are we as a nation don’t celebrate achievements/victories in both financial and economic situations? Come and see how people are still dying day in day out because of insurgency. The governor of Borno is doing all efforts to halt it down but no one is showing his/her helping hand. Honesty speaking, Nigeria is looking for vibrant and multi disciplinary leader who can demonstrate fair-play and turn our grievances to be his own cup of tea. The petrol hike and increase in electricity tariff are but plus to our already disturbing pains. They should have allow NLC to go for the strike just to address the government inhumane way of treating the common man.


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