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Ravaging Casts, a poem by Professor Ikechukwu Benjamin Ezeohagwu


As dew,
of the morning,
fresh and so few,
arose to tread,
in giant strides.

Coal from the East,
Cotton from the North,
Cocoa from the West,
and such other gifts
of nature.

endowed Nigeria,
forgotten in greed,
by the helms,
round in rough,
by such cough.

so tangle tough,
ravaging casts,
becoming grafts,
as nation,
without station.

Economy becomes monotony,
without Coal, Cotton and Cocoa,
and such other gifts of nature,
endowed Nigeria,
in dearth and death of production.

in the ongoing storms,
all stuffs are in motion,
as chaffs become drains,
and grains become fains.

Ben Ezeohagwu won the Onigraffiks Prize for literature (2017).  He is Professor of Graphonomy and Chancellor, African American University, Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin and can be reached at Email: benezeohagwu@yahoo.com, www.africanamericanuniversity.org, 08173175540.

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