Independence: Rep member says country’s soul going, calls for restructuring


The Honourable Member representing Ado/Ogbadigbo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency,
Dr Francis Ottah Agbo, has called for the restructuring of the country as Nigeria marks its 60th Independence anniversary.

The Honourable Member in a statement signed by his media adviser, Mr Andrew Agbese, said the current structure of the country has left many grey areas that threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria which would be addressed once the country is restructured.

He said the restructuring will give all Nigerians sense of belonging and halt the country from disintegration as it would address most of the grievances and agitations by sections of the country.

Dr Ottah Agbo, who is the chairman of the House Committee on Drugs and Narcotics said restructuring will address issues like the devolution of power, fiscal federalism, rotation of elected offices and others that the people feel very strongly about.

He said, “As we mark our 60th Independence anniversary, I call for the restructuring of Nigeria to address all the areas our current structure had failed to address.

The Ozigizaga and Moving Train of Enone Politics added that the unity of Nigeria should be given paramount consideration as Nigeria cannot afford to disintegrate, stressing that the founding fathers of Nigeria never made a mistake in founding the country!

“Our leaders must consciously grow the unity of this country, by ensuring that all nationalities and sections have a sense of belonging, we must build a country where peace, justice and equity flow like an everflowing stream.

“It is by so doing that this country will not break up. If we continue the way we are going, the country will break up for as we write today, the soul of Nigeria is going and this is why many have said Nigeria is already a failed state,” he stated.

The Rep member who is also the Spokesman of the Minority Caucus saluted the resilience of Nigerians, who he said had borne many challenges in the past and called on the citizens not to relent but continue to contribute their quota to the development of the country.

He said the minority caucus under the leadership of Hon Ndudi Elumelu has so far offered credible and constructive opposition to the ruling caucus and called for more support of Nigerians in the days ahead.

Dr Ottah Agbo also assured his constituents of purposeful leadership and continuous delivery of concrete developmental deliverables to the federal constituency.

While thanking his constituents for supporting him, the Parliamentarian said he will continue to oversight the Executive Arm to ensure that “my people are not shortchanged in the share of the national cake.”


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