ECSS alumni decries dilapidated condition of school, urges Gov’t to recruit teachers 


The Alumni of Ebira Community Secondary School at Ogaminana, Kogi state has decried the lack of teachers as well as learning facilities in the school thereby appealing to the state government to rescue its alma Mata from impending collapse.

The complaint came during its annual general meeting last Saturday.

The association’s secretary, Ahmed Ozovehe Adams, in a statement issued at the end of the annual meeting, noted that landgrabbers were encroaching on the school’s land and called on the state government to secure the property for future generations.

“The old students condemned the dearth of teaching staff in core subjects which are affecting our alma Mata negatively and have therefore called on the government to declare an emergency in the staffing position of secondary schools in the state and to consider recruiting more teachers for our school to forestall a total breakdown of teaching and learning due to the spate of retirement and non-replacement of teachers in our secondary schools across the state.

“The AGM condemned the activities of land speculators who have encroached the land and have continued to defy court orders to stop the level of encroachment while calling on the government to do something urgent to save the school lands in Kogi state from activities of Shylocks in the interest of future of our children.

“The old students acknowledge the discipline in the school, commend the school authority for sustaining the tempo and urge it to keep it up.

“Drawing from this year’s lecturer, the Old students noted that the ancient tiger model has already taken off in the school in view of the technically biased foundation of the school, the Association called on the government to support the school to continue a good job and reposition for the legacy it was known for.

“The meeting commended the outgoing caretaker Committee for their efforts which have kept the Association vibrant up to this AGM and thereafter moved for the dissolution of the committee. A newly elected executive under the leadership of Dr Yekeen Oku Abdul-maliq to run the affairs of the Association for the next three years was put in place,” the statement reads.


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