Barcelona “preparing another round of pay-cuts” in wake of £88 million loss


Barcelona are reportedly on a collision course with their first-team stars with the La Liga giants needing players to take another pay-cut to ease their finances amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Players took a 70 per cent pay-cut back in March to ensure non-playing staff received all of their wages with the pandemic shutting down the sport.

Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu needs to hold discussions with the squad about cuts

But in a week where the club announced losses of £88million, Marca reports the club are seeking another pay-cut from players although it remains unclear whether that would give the squad the power to rescind contracts and walk away for free.

The shutdown of sport and matches taking place behind closed doors had a significant impact

The report details the club’s plan for a ‘substantial modification of the collective working contract’.

If successful, the plan will see playing and non-playing staff take wage cuts in the coming weeks and months.

One player will act as a representative for Ronald Koeman’s squad when negotiating with the board at a meeting regarding the cuts.

Lionel Messi was key in handling the first round of cuts but with players, including the Argentine, currently away on international duty, it remains difficult for the squad to select who will represent them.

Ronald Koeman was hampered in the transfer market due to having limited funds available

The key issue the club needs to iron out before pushing on with planned cuts is how another reduction would affect the Spanish Workers’ Statute.

Marca’s report makes the claim that judicial sources in Spain have indicated to them that players and employees may have the legal right to rescind their contract if deals are modified for financial reasons.

Messi, who filed a burofax to the club earlier this summer informing them of his desire to leave and secure a move to Manchester City, would no doubt be very interested in the potential to walk away for nothing.

He was eventually told he would not be sold unless his £630m release clause was met and having argued the clause was invalid, he was left with no choice but to accept another season at the Nou Camp.

It will take meetings with every player to ensure, from the club’s side, that no squad member would go down the route of termination if and when further pay-cuts are put forward and agreed upon.

Barcelona’s limited dealings in the transfer market were largely down to the financial Armageddon the club is battling through.


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