Youssouf, Chadian presidential aspirant, visits Neptune Prime

Dr Youssouf, right, with Malam Hassan Gimba, Neptune Prime's publisher.

Story from Damilola Aina, Abuja

In a visit to the Abuja office of Neptune Prime, Dr Mahamat Ali Youssuf, a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming presidential elections in Chad republic, has acknowledged and praised the online newspaper as an emerging leader in online journalism in Nigeria and an authority on North East news, covering global issues particularly on insecurity and insurgency which has put the country in a positive light in the fight against terrorist groups ravaging the northeast and border area of Chad republic.

The presidential aspirant who also endorsed Neptune Prime as the favourite online paper in the anglophone/francophone country solicited for publicity concerning political problems facing the country highlighting the grip of dictatorship after the parliament in 2018 passed a controversial change to the constitution that bolsters President Deby’s powers despite undermining global acceptance of democracy.

Dr Mahamad Ali who has stated his intention to contest in next year’s election as president has vowed to liberate Chadians and enthrone democracy in the country and to this end seeks to partner with Neptune Prime to let the world know the problems facing the country, its dictatorial regime and how Boko Haram has carried out its continued operations from there and also wants to be known as someone who will come to stop the carnage of the insurgents.

Dr Youssouf, is an expert in information technology engineering with a vast experience of over 20 years and was a consultant for Central African backbone fibre optic project in Africa and currently president of the Union of Movement for Democracy and Development (UMDD), a coalition intended to unite Chadians around a social project to move the country forward by bringing back democracy and breaking dictatorship.


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