#EndSARS: Protesters barricade major roads in Lagos, paralyse economic activities, prevent workers from work (Video)

#EndSARS: Protesters barricade major roads in Lagos

Story from Kenneth AFOR, Lagos

#EndSARS protesters in Lagos State have barricaded major roads including Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, along Sadiku-Ilasa bus stop, in-bound Oshodi and Murtala Mohammed International Airport road, Ijaniki at Lagos Badagry Express road linking to Seme border, and alternative routes such as Okota and others.

This, however has created chaos on most roads in the state resulting to traffic congestions thereby forcing commercial bus drivers to look for alternative routes to convey passengers to their destinations.

Also, some private car owners are seen reversing their cars either heading back home or looking for alternative routes, while commuters have resorted to take a long walk to the end of each of the barricades to continue their journeys, while others are heading back home.

The protesters who gathered along Sadiku-Ilasa bus stop on both sides of the express road are blasting the air with songs from the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and chanting #EndSARS as well as raining curses on some prominent politicians in the country.

Also, youths in the area have taken advantage of the barricaded road for an opportunity to play street football.

Neptune Prime learnt that the major road barricades would last till evening but can not ascertain if they will extend to the next day.


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