Nigerian migrant in Italy risks 25 years in jail for alleged rape


A 25-year-old Nigerian man in Italy is awaiting trial for allegedly selling illicit drugs to a 16-year-old Italian girl and raping her.

This October, Ferrara police arrested Elvis Omonghomion, who is a Nigerian asylum seeker, over a report of drug and sexual assault.

The police say the arrest was made upon the conclusion of investigations which indicted Omonghomion popularly known as Bobby, for the crime.

Investigation gathered that on the 29th of July, Omonghomion allegedly sold cocaine to the underage girl and, instead of asking for payment, sexually assaulted her.

According to the victim’s account, he sold cocaine to her and then held her down and threatened her with a knife to her throat, claiming that he would kill her if she did not cooperate.

The Nigerian migrant reportedly dragged her into the bush after he had subdued her and then sexually abused her.

He then took away her phone to ensure that she didn’t seek help, police records say. After the incident, Omonghomion was said to have left the victim stranded by the roadside and fled.

A police van on patrol found her waving frantically and crying. When the police questioned her, she revealed she had been raped “by a Black man.”

She gave the police a description of what he looked like, after which the police took her to a gynaecologist, had her tested, and obtained a rape kit.

The DNA gotten from the test was run against the database of offenders, which implicated Omonghomion, who already had a drug record after he was arrested in 2019 for dealing drugs and selling same to a minor.

Aside from the DNA test, the victim’s description of him crafted by an artist was a match.

Currently awaiting trial, Omonghomion’s asylum plea could be at stake and he could spend up to 25 years in federal prison if found guilty.


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