Top 20 Premier League’s highest-earning players


David de Gea is English Premier League’s highest-earning player, with the goalkeeper taking home £375,000 (about N185million) weekly as his contract with Manchester United stipulates.

According to GiveMeSport, six players who moved to the English top-flight during the just concluded transfer window have made the list of the top 20 highest earners.

No doubt, following the pandemic, the football business has been severely hit financially, however, clubs in England spent about £1.2 billion (close to N600bn) to bring in new players.

The statistics have shown that all players in the top 20 earners’ list are members of squads in the top two.

And six of the players who teams spent money on also contribute to a list of the top 20 earners that is completely filled with players from the top six.

Here are the top 20 Premier League players that make up the weekly wage charts according to GiveMeSport – Weekly pay

20. Timo Werner, Chelsea – £179,000-per-week (about N88 million)

19. Roberto Firmino, Liverpool – £180,000 (about N89 million)

18. Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal – £182,051 (about N90 million)

17. Ben Chilwell, Chelsea – £190,000 (about N94 million)

16. Willian, Arsenal – £192,308 (about N95 million)

15. Tanguay Ndombele, Spurs – £200,000 (about N99 million)

14. Marcus Rashford, Manchester United – £200,000 (about N99 million)

13. Harry Kane, Spurs – £200,000 (about N99 million)

12. Mohamed Salah, Liverpool – £200,000 (about N99 million)

11. Edinson Cavani, Manchester United – £210,000 (about N104 million)

10. Gareth Bale, Spurs – £220,000 (about N105 million)

9. Sergio Aguero, Manchester City – £230,135 (about N114 million)

8. Anthony Martial, Manchester United – £250,000 (about N123 million)

7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arsenal – £250,000 (about N123 million)

6. Thomas Partey, Arsenal – £260,000 (about N128 million)

5. Mesut Ozil, Arsenal – £268,750 (about N132 million)

4. Paul Pogba, Manchester United – £290,000 (about N143 million)

3. Raheem Sterling, Manchester City – £300,000 (about N148 million)

2. Kevin de Bruyne, Manchester City – £320,833 (about N158 million)

1. David de Gea, Manchester United – £375,000 (about N185 million)


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