Meet Gianni Cruz, American soldier who captured Saddam


When recalling on the period of history, people are most impressed by the speed of the coalition forces led by the United States, which attracted the attention of the whole world, and made people hate the traitor Musrat who betrayed Saddam and abandoned his hiding place.

At that time, Iraq was about to face the siege of 190,000 coalition forces. Although Saddam had previously deployed defensive forces to prepare for emergencies, in the face of such a fierce offensive, the Iraqi army of one million was clearly overwhelmed. In just a few months, Saddam was defeated.

On the eve of the enemy’s invasion of Baghdad, Saddam arranged for his family to leave and flee. When everything was ready, he brought only his bodyguards and a team to the hideout in his hometown of Tikrit.

There, he plans to wait for the right time to make a comeback. The news of his escape to Tikrit was well hidden. Although the U.S. military used almost all modern equipment, they found nothing in the next few months.

They posted a reward order for Saddam’s whereabouts if they can provide information that led to Saddam’s capture, a reward of 25 million US dollars.

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This trick worked, and they caught Musrat, one of Saddam’s bodyguards. Under the strategy of both soft and hard, he gave in.

The victorious American troops went to Tikrit. In order to complete this mission without compromise, the SEALs sent the best and most capable team members to capture Saddam. Among them, Giannis Cruz is the captain of the assault team.

They quickly restricted the target’s range of activities to a farmhouse in Tikrit. There is a sheepfold in the farmhouse. After hundreds of sheep were driven away, Cruz found something strange in a corner of the sheepfold.

They cleaned the sheepfold and found two blankets under the sheepfold with a plastic partition covering the blanket. The moment the plastic partition was removed, the voice of negotiation was heard.

Not afraid of danger, Cruz rushed into the cave first, grabbed Saddam, and pushed him to the ground. At this moment, it is destined to be the picture of Cruz and Saddam, which will remain in the annals of history forever. Cruz was dressed in a military uniform, righteous, and Saddam was ashamed.

Two strangers met each other because of the war. Their “meeting” was short-lived, Saddam was soon thrown into prison, but Cruz’s life never returned.

Cruz was known as a “hero” because he captured Saddam Hussein, and when the group photo of the two of them was spread, people all over the world knew about him. Flowers and applause came from every corner, Cruz was happy to accept everything he got: he deserved it.

If this is a movie, then his life ends here, it should be a perfect ending. But this is a living world, and life will not stop because you are honoured.

Flowers and applause and honour disappeared quickly. On the contrary, Cruz faced a painful life he had never thought of.

First, as the war in Iraq continues, people increasingly question the legitimacy of the war. Especially after the US military searched for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to no avail, the US government has received more and more condemnation.

Cruz bears the brunt of the condemnation from its own people and other countries in the world. The label “Hangman” was put on Cruz’s head.

When he was discharged from the army, no company was willing to hire him. The words of the boss of a company can explain the problem. “You killed so many people, this kind of stuff makes me very worried.”

After years of obstacles, frustrations, and strange visions of the people around him, he developed many psychological problems, became irritable, emotionally broke down, and even suffered from severe schizophrenia.



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