Community in Peru celebrates Christmas day by ‘settling beef’ through fighting


A small town in Peru celebrated Christmas in an unusual way by settling quarrels in a free for all fight between members of the community.

Chumbivilcas Province, near Cuzco in Peru, held their annual “Takanakuy”, which is a Christmas day celebration where a tournament festival is organized for members to fight people they have ‘beefs’ with and they exchange fists with the aim of starting on a clean slate.

The practice which started in Santo Tomás, the capital of Chumbivilcas, and has now spread to other villages and cities, the prominent ones being Cuzco and Lima consist of different groups comprising men, women and children, go at each other’s throats, and then go for drinks together, ready to start a new year with a clean slate.

Photos from the special event which happens annually were shared online and they look like images out of an action movie.


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