Child Abuse And Street Begging: A global phenomenon, by Bashir Garba

Bashir Garba.
Bashir Garba.

Child abuse is a global phenomenon, it appears to have been one of the problems facing the entire world.

It is no doubt that several local and international organizations have tried an effective method of combating child street begging but yet the problem persists and increases due to the poor implementation of government policies.

However, child abuse can occur when parents or caretakers physically, emotionally, or sexually abused, or abandon/neglect a child.

The United Nation (UN) has attributed and estimated the population of street begging children worldwide at 150 million, with the number rising daily, ranging from the age of three to 18 years, and about 40% are homeless.

It appears that the major problems associated with this phenomenon in our dear country especially the northern part are our cultures and traditions, and also the lack of enforcing the law as it is.

What is the way out?

Bashir Garba is a MAAUN Law graduate.



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