Women in the fight of liberation, by Aisha Lawal Iyatawa


Women who are fighting for the liberation of the youths are more important in the Nigeria project than some of the religious leaders who choose to align themselves with the government against the masses.

Several examples can be made to support this expensive but true assertion. Aisha Yesufu for instance is a woman identified with her struggle to lead especially Youths and confront the challenges facing the society. However, Nigerians especially men viewed her as doing wrong. But the important question to ask is “why don’t they (the religious leaders and other men) come out and do the right thing. It is obvious that when people need direction, and therefore have to be led.

In my view, if the Nigerian youths show their support toward what Aisha Yesufu is doing, there will be progress in many aspects in our country concerning the development of our Youths, security, poverty eradication and good governance in general.

Aisha Yesufu is a woman who endured several challenges, in the sun and rain for the people to find a lasting solution. Chibok schoolgirls abduction is one worthy of mention. She sacrificed her time, comfort and even her life to call the attention of the world on the issue. Unfortunately, however, sects like Izalah, Darika, Shi’a, Evangelical communion and other Christian sects leaders were silent and living comfortably with their families.

Disappointedly today, it’s the same people criticizing people like Yesufu for doing what they failed to do even attempt.

Nigerians are being killed and our children are being abducted our people are being kidnapped but despite all these situations, none of the Scholars found it worthy of his concern, thereby living people to their fate. Rather they resort to intimidating people with large convoys like emperors all in the name of da’awah

It is a challenge for all young Nigerians to stop supporting people, who instead of making attempts and support to all efforts towards salvaging the lives of the commoners, but they joined their hands with the government, not having time to even concentrate on their primary responsibilities of teaching the religion.

Its high time to stand against their slavery and deception, and liberate ourselves from their bondage.

It’s like an irony to believe that in Nigeria life is becoming meaningless, our ladies lost their voices in Higher Schools thus, are subject of abuse, the so-called religious leaders are yet to do anything toward saving these innocent young ladies especially the underprivileged ladies that are suffering in Higher Institutions.

However, they choose to instead of assisting them, encouraging them, but criticize them in the name of religion, ignoring their genuine concern. They subject women that are on social media to harassment, intimidation, derogatory name-calling, denying them of their right to freedom of association guaranteed even in Islam and Christianity. They build their views on nothing but envy, injustice and lack of total sincerity of purpose.

As a woman, don’t let anyone’s words discourage you. Fight for your rights. Because nowadays Nigeria has become a country where orphans have no right or freedom. All their sacrifices are for their children’s to succeed.

My dear sisters and brothers it’s important to understand that, the success of the above-mentioned people manifest only on their children and finally, not the orphans and less privileged who are instead left helpless and hopeless. The evil men Will still come back to derogate you, discourage you and finally destroy you.

Do not listen to them. Be courageous, determined, and selfless. Close Your eyes and ears from seeing or hearing their ill-advise. But remain steadfast, Allah surely is our helper.


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