Nancy Pelosi joins World central kitchen to distribute food to National guard troops (Video)


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday joined Chef Jose Andres and the World Central Kitchen to hand out food to National Guard members and law enforcement at the US Capitol in Washington.

“Today, it was my honor to join [Chef Jose Andres] and [World Central Kitchen] to provide meals to our heroic National Guard troops who are keeping our Congressional community safe during this difficult time,” Pelosi tweeted.

According to Andres, who filmed this footage, Saturday’s menu included a hot meal of chicken with quinoa and beans, roast beef sandwiches, and fresh fruit. Andres is the founder of World Central Kitchen.

World Central Kitchen’s CEO Nate Mook said when he and Andrés saw viral images of the sleeping troops, they felt like they had to do something.

“This is a situation that nobody’s had to face before; it’s being figured out minute by minute,” Mook said. “And we know — because we see this in all types of crises and emergencies — that food can sometimes be an afterthought, and sometimes people are left working long shifts without food.”

So, they reached out to government leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and offered to tap their expertise in feeding large groups of people at a moment’s notice, as they did after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017.

The officials took them up on their offer. They started handing out meals Friday night. By Saturday evening, the organization had distributed about 4,000 meals. They planned to repeat the effort Sunday, and don’t plan on halting the special mobilization until Inauguration Day, he said.

In a show of thanks, Pelosi joined Andrés on Saturday in passing out meals and thanking the troops, who seemed surprised and elated to be getting a free lunch from a famed chef instead of a pre-packaged military meal.

“This is a really difficult time; folks are working long shifts,” Mook said. “They were so happy to get some fresh food to eat.”

Pelosi tweeted that it was her honor to hand out meals “to our heroic National Guard troops who are keeping our Congressional community safe during this difficult time.”

The meals are being paid for by World Central Kitchen, which operates on donations, including local gifts like the one from Dog Tag Bakery. The government is not paying for the food.


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