Wife stabs husband several times after mistaking nude photos of herself for another woman


A jealous wife allegedly stabbed her husband after finding nude photos of him in bed with another ‘younger woman’, not realising it was actually her.

The woman identified as ‘Leonora R’ was arrested after neighbours alerted the police to screaming and shouting at their home in Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico, according to reports.

The husband referred to as ‘Juan N’ was found to have been stabbed several times in the arms and legs.

Leonora had supposedly discovered the photos on Juan’s mobile phone and mistook them for proof he had cheated on her.

She is also said to have hurled insults at him during the violent attack, with her husband eventually able to wrestle the knife away.

Juan then explained that the explicit photos were from years ago when they first met and how he found the photos in an old email and transferred them to his phone. Leonora was then able to recognise her younger self.

According to Dossier Politico, Leonora reportedly didn’t immediately recognize herself because the woman in the images was younger, thinner, and wearing make-up.

Leonora is said to still be in custody but is yet to be charged with the case reportedly referred to the Public Ministry of State Attorney General’s Office.

It is unclear how seriously the victim was injured, but he was taken to the hospital.



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