Fake scouts from Sokoto, Zamfara on rampage in Kebbi State – Commissioner


Story from Haruna Usman, Kebbi

The Kebbi State scout commissioner Alhaji Lawal Muhammad, has raised the alarmed that fake scout members from Sokoto state and Zamfara state have invaded Kebbi state on a fictitious claim that, they are members of the scout movement in Kebbi State.

According to him, the imposters had written letters to the state government and some secondary schools in Kebbi where he has lawful and registered members.

The 20-years serving state scout commissioner, said that he single-handedly nurtured and financed the scout movements in the state to its present status.

Lawal explained that he is the only authentic scout commissioner recognised by the national body and will therefore not allow imposters to take over his position, he added that he had written counter letters to the government and the schools to make them aware.

While he pursues the case in court, he urged members of the public to distance themselves from the fake movement while expecting the authorities concern to do the same to avoid a breach of security in the state, he thanked the genuine members of the union for standing by him while calling on them to remain calm he assured them of success in court.

He said, “Though the case is still pending in court I decided to bring to the notice of the public and parents whose children are the target of being used as members of the fake scout movement.”


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