“Hold this administration responsible for armed attacks” – IMN

Sheikh El-Zakzaky.
Sheikh El-Zakzaky.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has urged Nigerians to hold the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari responsible for the deteriorating security situation in the country, especially in the North.

This was disclosed by the Group’s President Media Forum, Ibrahim Musa, in a press statement signed Tuesday, 23 March 2021.

IMN also reacted to a “security leak” by an undisclosed governor of one of the Northern states that some monarchs and leading members of its group (IMN) will be attacked.

The statement read: “It has come to the notice of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria of a security leak made by a rabble-rousing Governor of one of the Northern states that some prominent traditional rulers and leading members of the Islamic Movement will be attacked.

“We wouldn’t have reacted if not for the fact that the present regime doesn’t value human lives any more since the 2015 Zaria genocide where over a thousand lives were extra-judicially killed, thousands maimed and properties worth millions of naira destroyed. Considering the fact that the Emir of Birnin Gwari was attacked recently, we may ask the noise-making governor to explain.

“It’s pertinent to note from the security leak that, since the governor is in the know about the impending attacks, why won’t he stop it? Or is it that the Governor is behind the planned attacks or it will further his interest to cause more chaos than the one at hand?

“It is high time for Nigerians to demand an explanation from the Buhari regime about the deteriorating security situation in the country, especially in the North and hold it responsible. During Jonathan’s administration, Buhari and his stalwarts were at the forefront demanding the resignation of Jonathan over the worsening security at that time; we wonder why the present regime will turn a blind eye to the same medicine it advocated for others before it”, the statement said.

The IMN also called out an Indian international news outlet, WION news channel, for including them among the terror groups aligned with Boko Haram in Nigeria.

“Since we are talking of security it behoves us to refute a viral video clip packaged by WION news channel, an Indian international English language news owned by Essel Group and part of Zee Media network of channels. The almost 9-minute clip was commenting on terrorism in Nigeria, especially as it concerns Boko Haram and banditry in the country.

“The narration was almost a hundred per cent correct on many issues it raised, but at the tail end of it, it included the Islamic Movement in Nigeria among the terror groups aligned with the dreaded Boko Haram. How on earth could the producers of the clip make such a gaffe? Boko Haram and the Islamic Movement are poles apart both in terms of Islamic orientation and methodology.

“In fact, Boko Haram claimed a terror attack staged against the Arbaeen mourners along with Kano to Zaria highway, where dozens were killed, a confirmation that we are also at the receiving end of its unislamic terror attacks.

“It seems old but tried and failed attempt of painting the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky with the terror label is at play again. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has been a victim of state-sponsored terrorism especially in the about six years of the Buhari regime which is still trying to sweep its crimes under the carpet, which God willing it will not succeed.

“We will like the WION news channel to retract that offensive comment about the Islamic Movement. We are not a terror group but a terror victim of the Buhari regime, whose leader is still incarceration illegally on bogus charges.

“Lastly we reiterate our demand for the unconditional release of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds of his followers still under detention. Only this will show to the world that justice will be done to the over a thousand people killed during the 2015 Zaria genocide carried out by the Nigerian Army”, IMN said.


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