Tension in school as pupils flee amid fears of COVID-19 vaccination in Maiduguri (Video)


Story from Musa GAMBO, Maiduguri

Most of the pupils of Mafoni Primary School, Monday, deserted their classes and took to their heels during school hours as a result of rumours that they would be vaccinated against the Novel Corona Virus Disease.

According to a reliable source who spoke on anonymity, the school received visitors who had organised a workshop for selected teachers in the school before and returned for some assessment and further actions.

However, pupils started to panic and ran away, thinking they were health workers that had come to administer vaccines for covid-19.

A similar incident happened last week at Garanam Primary School, Maiduguri where the pupils jumped fences and ran away from school for the same reason.

A parent, who spoke to Neptune Prime said he stopped his children from going to school after he witnessed the Garanam school incident.

“My children are not even willing to go back to the school even if I tell them to go, therefore I will allow them to stay for some days and see how things will go before they resume again,” he shared.

It is, however, worthy to note that Neptune Prime confirmed that there were no such plans in schools and only a few agencies and that only health workers had received the vaccines in line with the national priority timetables released by the Covid-19 Tasks force.

Vaccines were distributed to the vaccination centres across the states and many people have already registered and received SMS on schedules of their respective centres to receive vaccines from the Online platform provided for registration.

Furthermore, the vaccines are not sufficient enough to cater for those on the priority list and primary school pupils are not among the people captured in the released time table of the vaccination, hence there is no need for panic. What is happening is purely a rumour, therefore parents are enjoined to send their children to school.


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