National Centre for Women Development is now a newborn baby-DG


The new Director-General and CEO, National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Dr Asabe Vilita Bashir, has unveiled her vision for Nigerian women, anchoring it on “re-structure, re-position and re-branding.”

She made this known at her formal take-over on Monday in Abuja, with Mrs Maimuna Mani Yangora, Director, Training of the NCWD on Monday, April 12, 2021, in Abuja.

“I make bold, to say that I will bring my wealth of experience to bear so that this monumental Resource Centre can further gain both wider national and international recognitions. In this vein, we shall re-structure, re-position and re-brand the centre, for optimum results, towards empowering the Nigerian women; and for overall national development,” Bashir said.

She noted that “I stand before you today, to declare that the National Centre for Women Development is now a newborn baby, therefore we must nurture it together. In this regard, let us stand up as patriots, to further nurture her; to further protect her, and to further develop her together. As joint stakeholders, the centre is one of our own avenues of contributing directly to Nigeria’s development, and the development of Nigerian women in particular.

“Being a strong advocate of gender equality and women’s rights; under my leadership, the centre will further synergise and continue to collaborate with all relevant women organisations and stakeholders, both nationally and internationally, to ensure that the challenges hindering women emancipation and development are drastically combated.”

Bashir noted that “to achieve these goals, all hands must be on deck. We all need to continue to remain diligent and passionate about the jobs we are all employed to do. We are all here because Government believed that we have something to offer; first, for the progress of the centre, as well as overall National Development.

“On my part, I will strive as much as possible, to tap all the required resources and ensure that a very friendly and progressive working environment is provided for the teeming workforce, for optimum productivity and greater results to be achieved; particularly, in the area of Internal Revenue Generation (IGR).”

“Work towards consensus with all segments of society including relevant government agencies, financial institutions of which the Central Bank is key, international organisations such as the UN-Women, European Union, ECOWAS, and civil society amongst others. We will work towards deepening women engagement in politics especially as we head towards 2023 general elections,” she pledged.


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