Meet 24-year-old Zubairu Suleiman who goes hawking in suits (Video)


There is no doubt that how one dresses is how he/she would be addressed and putting on nice outfits does not only give one attention, it also commands respect.

Zubairu Ibrahim, a young man has caught the attention of many motorists with his appearance as he hawks Kolanut along the Karu/Nyanya bridge.

From the forests of the southern Kaduna to the densely populated Karu/Nyanya neighbourhood in the FCT, he had migrated to find the proverbial ‘Golden Fleece’.

When he arrived, he knew exactly what he wanted to do; it was a business his small capital could afford.

You would see him each morning on the bridge hawking his goods, selling to all those who cared to patronise him.

Many people wear suits when they are going to the office or on some special occasions.

And for others, especially secret police and other secret security services like them, the suit is like a uniform and any time you see someone dressed in this kind of outfit he’s dressed in, you would think he is going to the office or going for an interview or some formal occasions, but definitely not someone going to hawk.

But Zubairu has chosen corporate wear to hawk his kola nut. He sells them while dressed in shirts nicely tucked into a pair of well-ironed trousers, a suit, a tie, and a pair of polished shoes to match.

In this video, he explains the rationale behind his choice of fashion.

“My name is Zubairu Ibrahim Suleiman and I am from Binawa in Kauru Local Government Area of Kaduna State,” he told Daily Trust Saturday in an exclusive interview.

Back at home, he was a herder until one day, a friend told him he could have something to do in Abuja. “I didn’t have much capital; I came here through a friend who also sells Kola nut here in Abuja. I have never been here. I got to know about this place (Abuja) through him.

My friend described this place to me while we were at home.

I came here not knowing anyone.

He said if I go to Nyanya, I should ask for Bello Mai Goro (kola nut seller) Takai, Kano, and people would direct me to him.

When I arrived at Mararaba, I asked the driver about Bello, and he said he knew him.

That was how I got to know the kola nut shop and the following day; I began selling Kola nut” he said.

When asked why he sells kola nuts on ‘corporate’ clothes, Zubairu said that back at home he has always admired suits.

He said that anytime he sees anyone dressed ‘corporately’, he gets really impressed and wishes to be the one. “I dress this way because I love it and to promote my trade,” he said.

Because of the strong admiration he has for such wears, he gradually got a pair of trousers, a shirt, and a suit.

Zubairu said that people who were impressed by his dressings got him some suits.

“Whenever I get dressed this way, people would think I am going to an office or somewhere, but I am coming out this way because I love it,” he added.

Mustapha Mohammed, one of Zubairu’s regular customers, first met him on Karu Bridge one morning.

According to him, being a Fulani man, he was able to identify Zubairu as a fellow Fulani man because of his hair, and they became friends.

Mohammed said that each morning on his way to work, he buys kola nuts from Zubairu, and sometimes he receives some for free.

He said that he had, on Zubairu’s request, given him suits. “One day, Zubairu came to me and said that he was really proud of me being a Fulani man and educated.

He said that he likes the way I dress; I always put on a suit with a tie while going to the office.

He asked if I had a suit to give him.

I told him I have a lot of suits and I would give him. I gave him a suit and a tie as I had promised.

One of Zubairu’s bright days was when he met with Senator Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker who represented Kaduna central.

The senator saw him hawking around Karu Bridge and did not hesitate to express his admiration for the way Zubairu was dressed.

He posted the video of Zubairu on his verified Twitter handle @ShehuSani with the caption “I just met this young Fulani man while driving into Abuja.”

In the video, Senator Sani had, after calling Zubairu, said to him, “Truly I am impressed. I can see that you are selling kola nuts and you are dressed this way.”

Smiles took over Zubairu’s face as he heard the words of the senator who spoke in Hausa.

Sani went further to tell Zubairu that he would add to his capital. Zubairu has confirmed that he receipt of N5,000 from Sani.

He said that he had added the money to what he has as capital.

Zubairu is married. He desires to go back to school, get some money to buy cattle, and open a shop of his own so he can stop hawking in the street.


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