Yobe health commissioner cautions indigenes on effect of dry season, gives tips on healthy living during Ramadan


The Yobe State Ministry of Health and Human Services has warned its indigenes of the recent increase in environmental temperature, intensive heat especially during the month of Ramadan.

In a statement signed by the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Dr Muhammad Lawan Gana, he explained that during the hot weather, the human body tries to balance the internal body temperature to remain stable through sweating whereby, when air blows on the sweat, the skin temperature cools and then the whole body cools and stabilises.

“However, sweating causes loss of water and some essential electrolytes that are needed for the body to maintain good health. Therefore, the brain sends a signal that causes thirst and naturally, when a person drinks water the fluid lost during sweating and other means is replaced and the electrolytes and other essential nutrients are replaced from the food we eat.

“The general public is hereby advised to adopt safeguard measures which include wearing lightweight, light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes, stay under tree shades and environments with a lot of ventilation, reduce exercise when the weather is hot, avoid hot and heavy meals as they add heat to the body, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and more fluids generally.

The commissioner also cautioned Muslim faithful to restrict activities to early mornings and late evenings when the temperature cools off, drink plenty of fluids after ‘iftar’ (evening meal) and at ‘sahur'(early morning meal) and eat more fruits and vegetables during the Ramadan fasting.

In conclusion, he made a clarion call on everyone including development partners, religious and traditional leaders to join hands with the State Ministry of Health to ensure that the people are educated and enlightened on the healthy tips during the Ramadan fasting period with all Imams and Ulamas urged to include these messages into the Friday sermons as well as daily community engagements and other social interactions such as five (5) daily prayers, wedding and naming ceremonies, etc.



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