Prof. Moghalu will be the next president of Nigeria –  Keke NAPEP, Okada riders vow


The coalition of 19 Northern states of the National Commercial Tricycle and Motorcycle Riders Association (NACTMORA), has vowed to ensure that the former deputy governor of the Central bank of Nigeria, Professor Kingsley Moghalu, is elected as the next president of Nigeria if he contests for the position in 2023.

The “Keke NAPEP” and “Okada” riders in a press conference held in Abuja on Friday, endorsed Prof. Moghalu as the ideal candidate after expressing deep concern over the increasing rate of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping amidst other national problems left alone to thrive by the current pool of incompetent leaders.

Speaking at the event, the secretary of the coalition, Zahardeen Ismail, in his keynote address said, “We have observed closely the trend of Nigerian politics and its major actors and we have concluded that the country is facing a serious crisis caused by incompetent leadership, bad governance and corruption as politicians only serve themselves and not the people.

“The current breed of politicians we have cannot solve our national crisis because they have played the bad politics of corruption, tribalism and election rigging for a long time and do not know anything else.

“We strongly call on Prof. Moghalu to step forward to lead Nigeria. We plead with all Nigerians, for the sake of our children and our future, to support this patriotic Nigerian to drive the transformation of Nigeria into a more united country with a better economy”.


When questioned on getting votes, the Chairman, Coalition of 19 Northern Nigerian States NACTMORA, Alhaji Nasiru Ambursa, said the association will mobilise 30 million members across the nation to ensure his election into office arguing that he has shown that he has a clear plan for Nigeria.

“He is passionate to lead the transformation of Nigeria into a more united country with a better economy that can eradicate poverty.”

“Many people are still remembering his candidacy in 2019 and now wish Nigeria can have such a man as its leader.”


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