18 years after, old girls of Edgerly Memorial Girl’s Secondary School, Calabar appreciate teacher for unique method of teaching (Pictures/Videos)

Mr Nta and the Edgerly old girls class of 2003.
Mr Nta and the Edgerly old girls class of 2003.

There were times in this country when teachers were treated as royals but today, they are wretched of the earth and it is quite disheartening.

There is a popular saying that a teacher’s reward is in heaven but the 2003 old girls class of the Edgerly Memorial Girl’s Secondary School in Calabar, the capital of Cross-River State, decided to act otherwise.

The Edgerly old girls class of 2003 took a trip to Uyo, the capital of Akwa-Ibom State, on Saturday to pay a courtesy visit to one of their old teachers, Mr Nta, just to appreciate him for his good works and most importantly, his unique method of teaching with songs.

Mr Nta.
Mr Nta.

It has been over 18 years since they left secondary school and most of the students still remember some vital things Nta taught them in Commerce through songs.

It was quite an emotional moment for him and the girls having to reunite again in such a manner after so many years.

During the visit, Mr Nta stated that he didn’t do it by himself but God did. He said when he got into the school as a Commerce teacher back then; the previous records indicated that the students were always failing the subject and when he asked why they said they didn’t like their teacher.

He decided to introduce the songs to make learning easier and fun and by God’s grace, the students were still able to remember those songs after 18 years.

Mr Nta appreciated the old girls for remembering him after all these years and showered them with blessings.

While catching up on old times, the girls decided to sing some of the songs they could remember and he joined them.

Although he is retired, he is still very much eager to teach but no good platform to perform.

The girls rounded it off with a presentation of a brown envelope as their own little way of appreciating him for his good deeds.

When Neptune Prime interviewed one of the old students, Miss Esther Ekanem, on how they came up with the idea, she said:

“It’s been over 18 years since we left secondary school and most of us still remember some vital things he taught us in Commerce through songs, so we decided to pay him a visit as a group.

“It was quite an emotional moment for me, having to reunite again in such a manner. I actually thought he would have forgotten those songs but surprisingly he was even the one reminding us of the tunes and lyrics because some of us were only humming it but it’s still part of the fun.

“I pray and hope he gets a better recognition from the government to continue impacting more generations with this outstanding medium of teaching, as the good lord will grant him the grace.

“Above all, let’s normalise celebrating people while they are alive, Miss Ekanem stated.

  Watch the video below:


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